Hello friends,

I am Katie Burke. I’ve had a very wide range of professional experiences that I’m eager to share with you. Before I do I want you to know my commitment to personal transformation as led me down all of these seemingly different paths. What I hope is that you can deeply relate to that kind of commitment of constantly raising your own standards, not for the sake of being seen by anyone else, but truly being seen by you. When our own personal standards are higher than anyone else’s - that is when a masterful life unfolds.

I am committed to being of service to those of you who can relate to that. My services and specialties are an interesting range. I excel at digital marketing and understanding the web of the online realm and HOW to be seen in that realm. I also understand the sacred Earthly realm. The “real world” and the enormous effort it takes to stand up to it as an entrepreneur, thought leader, woman and mother. I’ve studied many practical ways to truly succeed in both of these realms, for they are very different to me. As much as I love that we are connecting here through my website - there is a powerful presence that is missing in our interaction right now, which is the feeling of our souls being able to touch in the physical. So we do our best to bridge that authenticity here online, and that is where my digital services come in.

I’ll share here some of my professional journey:

  • I graduated from Illinois State University with a focus on Fashion Merchandising. The business of fashion and trends was fascinating to me. Immediately after college I married my college sweetheart and began a career working with a Buyer for beauty products, accessories and women’s clothing. I soon realized my cubical felt very small and fashion trends soon felt very empty to me.

  • I then went into business with my husband with an exterior home services company. Mostly managing the painting of wooden homes. Our business thrived and our entire team produced over a million dollars worth of work in one year. Our marriage started to suffer from this experience.

  • My husband then took time to pursue his Masters of Business at the Olin School of Business at Washington University where we lived in St Louis. I pursued a Masters in Strategic Communications (a focus on digital marketing and public relations) at a small private university in St Louis, Maryville University while working a slew of side jobs.

  • I was three classes short of completing this endeavor when I took a full time job/internship at Cannonball Marketing Agency in St. Louis. It was this that prepared me to take a job as a digital strategist at a small start up tech company creating video games for kids that got them off the screen and then back in the screen with a very clever gaming app.

  • From there I left my career and started a family while never loosing a passion for digital communication and marketing. I slowly became self-employed while starting my family of four.

Then there is our path to excellence in our personal life. The tools and rituals we turn to so we can keep growing. Without that growth our lives are empty and meaningless. I have studied my own success rate with different tools and rituals - from plant essences and oils, to beauty, to growing a business and the certainty I am financially successful within my own business. All of these require rituals and an obsession with mastery.

Years ago I had an experience where I met an ascended master in a meditation. She came to me as Isis. I have a deep relationship with this Goddess and Ascended Master on my inner planes. This long-standing rapport has provided me with unique insight from the perspective of a spiritual leader of Earth’s most recent Golden Age. She is exquisitely human in her approach and there has been no bypssing of any sort. I rarely share publicly on our communications because it is a very sacred relationship to me and one I don’t feel I need to prove to anyone else any longer, for a long time I did. Sessions with myself and the Spirit of Isis are spontaneously announced when I feel my nervous system can handle these sessions.

With my commitment to communing with and the comprehension of the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom, much of my service is expressed as raising the awareness of the extraordinary healing properties of plants on the physical, emotional and mental human bodies. A large part of our survival today is dependent upon our communication right here as you are reading this. So I have devoted myself in service to both a digital services agency as a way of communicating your helpful tools and rituals you are eager to share with the world, combined with my own perspectives of sovereignty and how that plays out in my Life. I call this “The Beauty Way” and it is a path of least resistance paired with an outstanding and gorgeous human lifetime.