My Story

Years ago I worked in the fashion industry; with investors; with high profile technology launching an iOS App; helped manage a successful $100,000 Kickstarter campaign and put together strategic marketing communications for big brands. I was hustling in my j crew stilettos, fueling my days with lattes and entirely too stubborn to fail. I joined my husband's business and we built a million dollar business. We were the best in the country at what we were doing.  

As you can imagine, I was burning out. In fact I was burning out so fast that I ended up in the emergency room with no other choice but to face my own reality of depression and absolute burnout. I lost my right ovary in surgery. My adrenals were shot. I was so drained and exhausted that I surrendered to listening to the voice inside of me beginning to be heard. 

After working with the masters in the marketing and tech industries, I realized there was a fierce, feminine rebel brewing inside of me - if I was going to find happiness and fulfillment in my life, let alone my career, I needed to let myself be free of the lifestyle I built around myself.   

In honor of the voice that needing to be heard, I dedicated two years of my life to my own personal healing by listening and encouraging to this sacred voice grow stronger. I call her my intuition, my inner mother, my sacred heart and the smartest mentor I could ever imagine.  

As soon as I surrendered to HER plan my life flipped upside down in the most profound ways possible. My marriage blossomed, my physical body healed, I became a mother, my spiritual body was finally strong enough to get to work. I founded the Modern Priestess Movement and continue to expand my light work in Christ Consciousness when I feel inspired. I dedicated years to train with the most radical mentors in Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness and channels. My Priestess heart is precious to me and sharing offerings in that vulnerable space comes in waves, as it feels best. 

What I have discovered is how to achieve the balance of leading a sovereign and wealthy life without straining my mental, emotional and spiritual body along the way. Let me explain...

For years I lead a consulting business and occasionally I will re-open my doors to 1:1 clients, for spiritual & entrepreneurship coaching... I worked as a "solopreneur" for years. It was... fine, there are certainly ups and downs and it's a perfect fit for many of my revolutionary friends who I lean on for inspiration and sisterhood.

Where I have found my zone of genius is weaving a web of hungry, ambitious, heart led, inspired humans to the life of their dreams. Literally, the life you are dreaming of. I want to hear about THAT. That kind of living is your birth right.

Wealth Consciousness and the lifestyle that comes with it is our birth right. We don't have to work harder, we have to work smarter; to me this means well resourced, honoring own zone of genius, and hustling in a new way that creates quantum change in our life and the team of support around us. 

But my vision has expanded.

When I work alone I cannot make nearly the impact in financial income or global impact as when I am resourced with a team of likeminded entrepreneurs and business builders.

Side note - Motherhood has made this crystal clear to me (Shout out to my fellow entrepreneur mama bears. I see you).

I want to work alongside bright, hungry for hope, self-starting, radical self-worth and wellness advocates.

That's why I've founded Creating Bravely, my team of wellness advocates supporting one another through selling essential oils and natural living products.  You can read more about Creating Bravely in coming months. In the meantime you can read the beginning of the story here.

photo:  Brooke Rosenblum
Dreams that I never thought would ever be true are happening right now. You are a Dream Midwife Priestess. The Dream Doula.
— Jennifer Martineau, Artist

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