She calls herself "A Priestess"

"...I have found these different aspects or personalities of “Priestessing” to be very helpful. The expansive and creative ways that a Priestess can express her authenticity. This is why we have lineages we all relate to. A Priestess of Hathor/Isis, who makes you sit up a little taller in her presence of her pure heart.  A Priestess of Artemis/Diana, who fascinates you with her seemingly magickal abilities and connection with the many creatures Sophia Gaia.  A Priestess of The Order of Magdalena whose radical soul nearly brings you to tears just by locking eyes with her….  On and on across the cosmos, since the beginning of time these stories are forever unfolding and we are finding our way back home to where we fit most comfortably.

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The road trip back to sanity.

When I reached the sand and saw the waves a quarter mile ahead I started crying. And not just crying, but sobbing.. like, barely able to stand up kind of crying. I went back to the car. I did this two more times. I decided my previous definition of sanity is definitely not something I’m even going to attempt to live up to at this point.  Finally, I went to the car, left my shoes and changed into sweat pants, and felt like I could calmly return and go for an easy and soothing walk...

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A living paradox...

Each day she was becoming, increasingly, 

a living paradox. 

She heard gunshots and angel choirs.

She felt duality and unity. 

She explored hot anger with gratitude. 

She wanted to slap the veiled unconscious ones in the face while also weep in their accepting embrace. Simultaneously wanted to wake up and fall back asleep.

She was mundane and magic.

Exhilarated and exhausted. 

Full of hope and nothing.

Vulnerable and guarded. 

Utterly alone and continuously supported.

Craving life and welcoming death. 

Urgency and then calm, patient presence.

Her heart was open to feeling all of these things in the same moment, which made her realize that is what it means to live fully in her humanity. She easily felt everything and no thing in her being.  

The infrastructures of society are burning down and simultaneously the parade of a new paradigm turns the corner, welcoming her to come march and celebrate proudly. 

This delicate balance is what kept her waking up each day curious to explore the delicious riches and ruins of her lifetime, and ready for the next alchemic shift ahead…  

Steady in Conviction

And as thousands of people start to look through the rips in the veil, where will you be? Will you be ready to serve thousands of people with your medicine? Are you ready to serve in a global shift in consciousness and activism? These are a few of the questions I’ve been asking myself over the last two weeks. Dare yourself to get excited about the challenges and opportunities for complete change in 2017.

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The forest spoke, and I listened.

... today I summon more grace and balance - which I have learned is literally the force of Nature - to come into my life now... 2017 will be the year of building community. 2016 has shown us what is unacceptable to us and we will start to creatively think about how we can live our day-to-day lives with more intention around what feels good. I believe we will start to see we can’t continue to do this alone and it feels better, more productive, to work together in ways we have not seen before.

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How I Navigate & Honor My Shadow

I found myself mindlessly wandering the cosmetic aisles of Target which I haven’t done in years. Slowly I’d pick up the brightly lit products and read the copywriting on the back. I saw the shampoo I used in college on a lower shelf, picked it up, popped the cap and inhaled the smell and I felt myself time travel so vividly my eyes started watering. I bought the shampoo and drove home. I washed my hair and cried... 

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The Modern Priestess Perfume / Ritual Oil

Introducing the Modern Priestess Perfume

A perfume and ritual oil combined into one luxurious potion, thoughtful crafted from the healing hands and heart of Ora North and feminine essence of Katie Burke. Visit he Etsy shop The Pines Apothecary to get your limited edition bottle 👑

Together we have encapsulated the intoxicating feminine energy of the modern priestess movement into a highly charged and sacred bottle of magical oil. 

This perfume is for the woman who wants to enhance the magnificence already within her. Perfect for anointing yourself as the Priestess you are and equally as special to use in a women's circle or ritual as you anoint the hearts and hands of your sisters.  

Once you inhale the aroma of totally organic rose petal and raw cacao infused organic jojoba oil, organic seabuckthorn oil, oils of rose, sandalwood, frankincense, ylang ylang, and honey absolute you'll want to wear this sacred adornment as a celebration of your divinity for every occasion. 

The Modern Priestess Perfume is a limited edition of 13 bottles and will sell out fast. Please head to The Pines Apothecary to make your purchase. International orders are welcome.