A living paradox...

Each day she was becoming, increasingly, 

a living paradox. 

She heard gunshots and angel choirs.

She felt duality and unity. 

She explored hot anger with gratitude. 

She wanted to slap the veiled unconscious ones in the face while also weep in their accepting embrace. Simultaneously wanted to wake up and fall back asleep.

She was mundane and magic.

Exhilarated and exhausted. 

Full of hope and nothing.

Vulnerable and guarded. 

Utterly alone and continuously supported.

Craving life and welcoming death. 

Urgency and then calm, patient presence.

Her heart was open to feeling all of these things in the same moment, which made her realize that is what it means to live fully in her humanity. She easily felt everything and no thing in her being.  

The infrastructures of society are burning down and simultaneously the parade of a new paradigm turns the corner, welcoming her to come march and celebrate proudly. 

This delicate balance is what kept her waking up each day curious to explore the delicious riches and ruins of her lifetime, and ready for the next alchemic shift ahead…  

Katie Burke2 Comments