How I Balanced My Hormones & Healed Painful Periods…

This story is a long time coming! I am about seven years post emergency surgery that was the catalyst for me to start living much more in-tune with my natural rhythms. Since then, I've completely changed my life for the better with a LOT of small steps and commitments. Some easier than others.

In this video I'm sharing *exactly* what I did AFTER surgery on my reproductive system to bring my body back to balance.

Since doing these things I no longer have painful periods, heavy bleeding, and the best of it is that I don't have emotional roller coasters the week up to my period starting. I've really balanced my body in a way I feel proud of and excited to share about.

All the steps are in the video.

I'm hosting a class - "Non-Toxic Living for Ourselves and The Planet + Why The Time Is NOW" and breaking it DOWN for you.  I'll be answering questions and chatting with you guys live.

This is an affordable investment in your health, home and everything in between. You'll save time, things will become more convenient and made super simple.

Image by @lydia.kegler via @cervicalwellness

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