Over the “coming out” journey we’ve seen friends put a stake put in the ground that says “I love myself first. I accept myself first. No matter what.” What a miraculous collective experience to support our brothers and sisters leaning into the truth about their bodies, preferences and lifestyle, especially over the last the last twenty to thirty years.

There has been a different, personal coming out of the closet conversation that I’ve wrestled with for a long time which feels more vulnerable because I’m digging into the core belief systems that I hold about our world and beyond. It takes a lot of courage to lay that out.

Sometimes I think about how similar it feels to thirty years ago when a gay person really wanted to speak their truth and they felt confined, not in the majority and deeply unseen in their truth. Even banished from family and community or called crazy. That’s where I feel seated right now, in a time of not quite the majority, not really understood or believed. Not really sure where I fit in with my perspective. But very grounded in my perspective, my truth and what I see as a collective truth. 

Google the Oprah episodes in the nineties about people coming out as gay and bring yourself back to how far we have come collectively around our brothers and sisters standing in their truth. It’s INCREDIBLE the shift in collective consciousness that has taken place. There was such deep divide over this issue not that long ago! I feel a subconscious similarity when I feel into coming out of the disclosure closet. People aren’t ready for it. Or so I have told myself.

For LBTQIA and beyond communities, there is a unified anthem I hear of “I love myself first. I accept myself first.” and we rally around this love. We (mostly) link arms with these brothers and sisters and celebrate their authenticity and expression. There will always be a few deeply confused individuals who cannot accept this. I wish you well on your journey. 

For the disclosure community there is a unified anthem of “We are not alone + We are All connected.” 

From the core of our beliefs we rally for a universal truth, not a personal truth. 

We collectively ignore or disregard these brothers and sisters under the mainstream phrase “conspiracy.” Those of us asking questions and demanding answers that make sense all the way to the end of the rabbit hole. 

I have been fortunate enough to find solace in my personal relationships with those that exist in non-physical realms who are directly guiding me so I do my best to only focus on the information that is part of my personal journey. I am not an expert at all things.

Mis-information is bountiful. My intuition has led me to a personal path of seeking truth. Only I know what is true for me. Only you know what is true for you. And yet a collective truth awaits so many.

After the documentary “Above Majestic” has come out, I’ve realized the dominos ARE falling. I wasn’t sure if I would ever feel this way, but I do see and feel a breaking point coming very rapidly. Any role I can play to knock more of those pieces down is a privilege to partake in. Much of the information contained in the documentary I had seen or heard before, but seeing it in this format - up on iTunes and on Amazon - and done with the depth and skill of a film that many are accustomed to consuming brought me to a place of further integrating the reality, and a further compulsion not to hide this part of my reality any longer. 

In short - I already knew most of the information presented in the film, but what was I doing about it?

This is real for me and has been for years. I have a personal part to play within the larger conversation of full disclosure. This is a part of my real life.  I talk to and have relationships beings whose consciousness is not confined to particular belief systems such as ours. 

They guide many of my life decisions because I trust them.  This took significant sacrifice of my ego and identity which was and continues to be uncomfortable. They have been steadfast and so loving. There is a difference between having a private spiritual practice with your divinity and disclosure of the truth of Beings who are non-terrestrial living on and off planet. There is a level of integration that has taken me a few years to be with until I could finally write about this with sobriety, outside of sarcasm, humor, or any other way I may want to disregard the magnitude of this reality. This effects day-to-day living. This effects education. This effects everyone. This has always been apart of the human experience. 

Who are these Beings?

For years I’ve communicated with beings who exists Now but not within the same time/space fabric that humans do. And for years I have fine-tuned my practice in telepathically and energetically communicating. Most people call this “channeling.” I have come into a new phase of clarity and humility in this work, and with that comes a push to speak more of my truth more plainly. I’m here to be a mother and a friend. I do not wish to paint myself as a person who secludes oneself from community to access information, although at times this is how I have felt it must be in order to be everything I am here to be.

Let me be clear - I am not gifted with a talent outside of yourself. I am obsessed. Through our obsession we can accomplish anything including a robust relationship with Beings in other dimensions. I have been and continue to be obsessed with connected with these Beings on the other side of the veil. So I practiced, consistently and with a dedication and passion that I cannot understand at times. Completely guided by my own passion for understanding and discovering more of who I am. This is part of my story because I choose it to be. Not because I was destined but because I was determined. I believe we have family on the other side. I believe this family presents itself from not only our lineage but different star systems that our DNA can interact with. 

For the sake of brevity for a single piece of writing, we have Human Beings - and we have non-physical Beings that go by many, many names and races and forms and within many dimensions of reality. When I refer to “Beings” I mean benevolent non-physical beings that are personally working with my consciousness. Some of them may be physical but I have no way of knowing for sure because our relationship is telepathic. This is available to all of you if you choose for it to be. I have studied this form of communication and the subtleties that go along with it for a very, very long time.

Some of these Beings are extremely loving and benevolent while others are not. I have mostly had experiences with benevolent Beings but was tested during my time in Sedona (we will return as a family in January to deepen this work) from Beings who had a different agenda. That experience was just as much of an awakening as the experiences I’ve had with the beautiful beings of Light and although terrifying, I am grateful to know my strength in the presence of them.  These experiences have sobered me to the truth that I am in control of my entire experience and I refuse to be victim to any and all forms of consciousness. 

All to say, I am mastering relationships with both light beings and the occasional dark being who is testing my life for love. I agreed to this relationship with these dark beings because I thought through being tested I could learn more about myself. Now I love myself too much for that shit. 

I am grateful that we ALL have access to this guidance and that I am far from alone or special in these experiences. I am grateful we are moving away from the time of the guru and accessing this information as individuals and sometimes with trusted friends, directly. 

How do I start to unravel my part within receiving direct guidance from the benevolent Beings? How can I even begin to share my nearly year in Sedona without this coming out first? It feels abrupt and out of order so here we are with this piece of writing inviting you in to my heart and mind as I come out of the disclosure closet. 

So, What am I disclosing?

Disclosing to as many people as possible that all systems - educational, economic, medical, governmental, religious, cultural, societal, the entire matrix at large up until this point has been biased to an agenda that is not my sovereign preference, and most likely not yours either. These systems have been in place in order to illicit fear and chaos. There will be a true revolution that takes place once the dominos all fall. This is a matter of time from what I have intuitively felt and glimpsed to. 

Further, the technology of our human body alone is much more than we have been led to believe. In fact, the reality of the capabilities of our human bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) exceeds our imagination.

At the level of consciousness that I am being invited into, the question is not what am I disclosing - the question is, 

“What is the highest truth that I perceive myself to be?” 

By embodiment of that truth, all other systems that are no longer resonate within this consciousness will naturally come to the surface and dissipate into the light. 

It is a requirement to understand the Individual You and the Collective You in order to easily digest “disclosure” on a human level. 

It is this self-discovery that is bringing about disclosure as I mentioned above. It’s not the data dumps, the leaked information, the ability to share information faster and more widely than any other point in history - those are all reflections (tools) of discovering more about ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

The real disclosure I am partaking in is that we do not need to move forward with fear and chaos any longer. This is a free will choice. There is always a choice. It all was meant to happen. And we can have all of our feelings about that, but what are you gaining by dragging your feet?

Step up.

It’s not hard to get up on the mountain and scream what is out of alignment, what is controlled, what is poisoned. That is easy to do. The challenge before me and my Life is to stand on the mountain with my brothers and sisters and declare that this is love. THIS IS ALL Unity. I will not look away. I will stand up to it and for it.

The only variable that I have to focus on is my definition of who I am - or who I believe my self to be. These self-imposed belief structures are what mold the very human body we inhabit. I have had the most help from the Star Beings with finding the answers to the question of my identity. Coming out of the closet IS about identity. It is about fully disclosing who I am Now. 

In short, I am free of the identity of Katie Burke and yet more passionate to live her life as best I can.

And yet, I am not fully “there” yet. I am walking a human journey with human experiences, traumas and linear thinking. 

It is still deeply uncomfortable for me to speak to my communications with the Star Beings/Light Beings who are tremendously involved with the evolution of our consciousness and even our political structures, but I am working on it. 

There is a part of me that knows all of the above is true. Everything actually is in alignment. Everything is actually love. Disclosure in many ways is the final collective look at ourselves to ask ourselves… WHO AM I? I’m calling out to those of you who are ready for more disclosure within this question, WHO IS CREATOR? I Am That I Am.

Ultimately every single person has to decide and is deciding by their actions whether they are the creator of their individual and collective self, or the victim of their individual self and collective self. 

You can’t be both. 

Either you created what you have experienced, or you did not. 

Let’s talk about this because the nature and reality of trauma needs to be spoken to with the utmost care and compassion.  The reality of rape and innocence being taken against free will is a consciousness that is very much alive within the collective consciousness. Rape consciousness is only going to become a more and more apparent part of our reality as the headlines will show you in the months/years (time is uncertain) to come with more and more disclosure unfolding. We will each be faced with new facets of this consciousness and our mastery will stretch it’s wings as we dialogue with this consciousness, if you have the courage to do so. As a personal survivor of such trauma, I can personally speak to the journey to sovereignty despite rape consciousness determined to take my own innocence as their own. Rape consciousness comes from the desire to connect back to the attackers lack of belief in their ability to connect to Source/innocence/purity.  We are here to individually and collectively claim our inherent purity and know that is was always ours to begin with. No matter what. My innocence is mine. Let me be clear, y/our wounds can fully heal. Further, bring you clarity and strength you have only dreamed of.

Death is a transition to the other side of the veil we are starting to understand as a real aspect of our reality. Death and disease is ultimately chosen from an individuals higher consciousness to aid in the sharpening of their spiritual understanding. May we come together in true community to ease these human conditions. May we each be guided to the individual and collective healing we require to remember our truth and power. I believe we all yearn to live with such determination to heal what has hurt.

As I write this in the sleepy midwestern plains, I can’t help but notice I’m quiet alone in my experience and perspective as far as I know. Other than Ben. I’ve dabbled in this with videos and content around the Ascended Masters, but I’ve never really laid out my journey to get here. I’m still working on that. I get a lot of questions from YouTube and other social media platforms, because I haven’t fully owned and published my journey thus far. I’ve been afraid to keep an up to date public journal about it. I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t had the courage to publish anything.

There are risks that come with a straightforward piece of writing like this which is uncomfortable. However, I risk continuing to stall my own evolution which I refuse to do any longer. Sitting in silence with these experiences is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I’m tired of being surrounded by sleepy people. I must take responsibility for that change if I wish to see it take place.

The other aspect of this is you, dear reader, must be in your heart to fully receive this information in the way I’ve intended. Most of the population still resides in a mind based state. So to you who are still reading with a skeptical perspective, I love you deeply and I see myself in you. I want a better and more easeful way for you and I. I have a family of Star Beings who are guiding me through powerful belief systems that I think are helpful for everyone and yet there is so much to overcome to get soberly curious about this, let alone accept it as a true belief. You’re invited to come along and see what you can take away as a valuable or inspiring.  

May we remember forever. Love, Katie

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