How to clean your house so it doesn’t smell like vinegar.

I’m sure you know by now I’m sort of into healthy and LIFE giving living. I’m not interested in polluting my home with toxins. I’m very mindful of avoiding synthetic anything (including makeup). Clean eating and self-care isn’t enough though if you are committed to eliminating toxins from your life. Your laundry and cleaners at home are interfacing with your skin and air all day long. We diffuse oils at home to help clean the air and use Thieves cleaner. 

For a long time I made my own vinegar and baking soda concoctions, and then I would cave in to buying some expensive “clean” cleaner at Target and then clean my whole house with whatever I brought home. My home never felt super clean with using vinegar and I really started to hate the smell of it. Even if I tried Essential Oils with what I made the vinegar smell always hit me in the face. Part of the reason I signed up with Young Living was so I could finally switch all my household stuff I would be getting at the grocery store anyway to something that was clean, preferably concentrated and would work. Part of that for me is that I’d prefer my home to not smell like vinegar. 

Thieves household cleaner is a super concentrated cleaner that smells like pumpkin pie to me. I have two bottles I keep under my sink - one for counters and my “all purpose” cleaner and another bottle that is more of a heavy duty cleaner for bathrooms or stains in clothes. 

I’ve gotten beets out of my daughters sweater and blood out of my couch. This cleaner is something I grab to use EVERY DAY. I have a 4 month old and three year old so I’m constantly finding my home or outfit covered in gross mom life things. 

This cleaner works as an ALL purpose cleaner which means I’ve tried it on my wood floors, laundry stains, bathroom everything, windows/mirrors and I’ve mixed it with baking soda as a scrub for more stubborn nastiness. 

If I could choose only ONE thing for my friends and family to switch out of in their homes it would be to ditch everything under their kitchen sink and replace with Thieves household cleaner, dish soap and their dishwashing detergent. And you’re done! I also have rubbing alcohol to clean the steel plates in my diffusers and that is it.  

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