I have all of the time I need to create anything I desire (+ writing exercises)

I have all of the time I need to create anything I desire.  That phrase has been my mantra this year and oh how I've needed it. 

A few weeks ago I was honored to be spot lighted in a private women's circle to speak about clarity. I realized as I was preparing for the call that clarity cannot come without a hard look at values. As I prepared to speak to this group of women, I realized the expectations I have put on myself for running a business is not aligned with my values, which is why I was encountering so much shoulding all over myself.

It boils down to expectations vs. our Soul's contract. In regards to your creative and professional endeavors, I would encourage you to reflect with a notebook and glass of something delicious:

What are my expectations for myself in my work?

Who gave me that expectation? Do I allow them to write the rules in my life?

Does that expectation align with what feels best for me? Can I write a new rule instead?

How can I adjust those expectations so I am actively more gentle with myself?

Once you have an honest look at those answers it will be time to explore setting different boundaries or adjusting what you have in place. Do you have any unspoken contracts that have been set in your life that could use fine tuning? This is something I just posted today on Facebook that I would encourage you to check out.  It is a conversation we all need to be having much more often. 

Setting time and space for this dialogue is incredibly grounding. I would encourage you to gift yourself that time to write the new rules of how you are spending your oh so precious time. 

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