You feel a sharp whip of jealousy as she speaks. You tense up your face and neck, you immediately do not like her. She threatens you. She has what you want. She’s making it look easy.

She probably even has all this planned out on a content calendar, what an over achieving bitch.

She is the mirror and the reflection hisses resentment, laziness, and wasted time. 

She is posting the photos YOU should be in. She is traveling and hosting workshops. She is manifesting lovers in her life that worship the feminine. She is dripping with freedom. She is completely unashamed and embodied in her wildness. 

She walks around like she has a damn crown on her head, and that’s when it hits you… and woman it stings with the truth. She does wear the crown. She is the one who put it there. 

Thank Goddess for my envy for it is blessed with my clarity.

Now you can experience what you’ve really been craving; exactly what it looks, moves, walks, tastes like…Honor yourself and don’t settle for less. 

Katie BurkeComment