Radical Self-Worth

My heart is so full and I’m welcoming this relief with my arms wide open. I have had a very intense seven days. Last Thursday I went through with the liver flush I mentioned in a post last week. It was very cleansing and very powerful for me. Followed by my daughter going to day care full time to allow more spaciousness for oracle work, and priestess activations during the day. Looking back I wonder, “what was I thinking” to allow all of that to line up in one week, but the hard work did pay off and of course was divinely timed… 

The liver flush brought me back to ground zero. I felt very clear, so clear that there were emotions that had been stuffed down very deeply that now had a chance to come up and say hello. Combined with my daughter going to day care (and by the way she is thriving. She is totally sad to leave at the end of the day and having so much fun making friends👼🏼👭💆🏼) there was a silence and aloneness I hadn’t had time or space to experience in a year and a half. An extended amount of hours to surrender to my process as a Priestess was huge. It was shamanic. 

After I burned through the anger, the feelings of not being safe, the box I was keeping myself in, (Note: I was keeping myself in, no one else was making me stay small, just me, more on that later) I’m back. I have both feet planted on the ground so firmly it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I am refreshed and ready. I AM.🌟🌟🌟

Side note: I’m giving katieburke.co a fresh design to better align with my service and claiming a new tagline for my work … ✨✨✨RADICAL SELF-WORTH✨✨✨#radicalselfworth because that is what the work is about my sisters. Worthiness, royalty, luxury in the temple of your own skin. I’d love for you to start using this tag so I can follow your moments of RADICAL SELF-WORTH too!

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