Streamline to inspiration

I bet if you are like me, you've got a few online gurus you absolutely adore. But, similarly you have probably signed up for a few too many newsletters that clutter your inbox and you find yourself deleting dozens at a time.  

My resolution for 2015 is to have complete command over my inbox. I want to only want to receive an email that I will be opening.  I've already begun the process of streamlining my inboxes to hopefully have a tidy inbox when I start off the new year. But, there are a few newsletters I will absolutely keep subscribing to because they each bring a little something different to the table. And since many of my subscribers and readers are coaches as well, I thought you would certainly find todays post super relevant. 

Danielle LaPorte: Did you read my post last week? I'm clearly a believer. Enough said. 

Nisha Moodley: Her blog posts and emails usually cut right to the core of a feeling I didn't even KNOW I was having. She is part business strategist, part lifestyle guru and 100% soul sister. I'm dreaming of attending one of her retreats. 

Angel Quintana: I feel like Angel is a long lost friend I wish I would have met MUCH sooner. She's a business trendsetter and does a beautiful job cutting to the core of how to spend time in your online business wisely. I'm going to be participating in her 10K challenge starting November 1st (If you are too please connect with me, I'd love to have a partner in crime here!).  Her YouTube videos are packed with lots of business tips. Major girl crush here.

Alexandra Schueler: This wild woman is my personal mentor and safe to say as close to a Shaman as I will ever meet. Ali is your go-to women's embodiment mentor when it comes to leading a life that is alive with your wild feminine nature. Women, sign up for her newsletter.

Another fantastic rewilding blog that is up and coming is Nabalo by my friend Iris. Recipes and rewilding tips via beautiful life experiences, recipes and photography. Another must read in the lifestyle realm. I just posted a delicious recipe I made courtesy of Iris on my Instagram and I can't wait to see what other yummy offerings she has in store for her readers.

And that is seriously it! I told you, I got cut throat and was streamlining! However, I want to know who brings emails to your inbox you just can't ignore. Do you have online girl (or boy) guru crushes that you can't wait to sit down to read their newsletters? Please share in the comments or on my Facebook page so I don't miss out!