Mirror Magic with Your Spirit Guides in 3 Steps

Today I walk you through Mirror Magic

with your Spirit Guides in 3 steps. 

This is a very simple and effective technique for having otherworldly experiences, so long as you have the patience and willingness to do it.

When I do this practice I receive very specific messages. One that I share around minute 11 in today’s video about how Isis refers to the fine line around my face and mouth as “rings of Saturn” (talk about specific!!).

The key with this practice is to maintain eye contact for as long as you can. This does take a little while to get into the groove of, so I’m offering three steps to get you into a very relaxed state so you can start to experience that trans-state feeling where time and space fall away. You will be able to journey with the assistance of your spirit guides.

Before you get started I would recommend having a journal nearby. I prefer this practice in the evening before bed when it is very quiet. I do not recommend having on music, but activating your sense of smell can be very powerful. Incense or essential oils are encouraged.

I light a candle below my mirror and get started. I explain all of this in detail in the video if you would like an even deeper explanation.

Step 1: Slow way down and make eye-contact.

The first step is to allow yourself to totally unwind and get comfortable and not to rush right into expectations. This can be a very quick practice the more that you become comfortable with it, but to start you are going to need to loosen up. I go over some of my favorite ways to do that in the video above.

Step 2: Come closer.

Once you are comfortable with keeping eye contact with yourself and you are sitting still, you need to get very close to the mirror. You should be about 6 inches away from your face and able to see the details of your eyes well. Once you lean into this you can start to use the mantra or spell “I’m here for you now” and repeat this has many times as you need to until you feel totally comfortable and held by yourself.

Step 3: Start asking your questions.

At this point you’ve probably been sitting with your mirror at least ten minutes just working on the above. Once you are comfortable with this practice and are able to let go, you can really feel time and space fall away. I like to keep a talisman on my mirror as I showed you in the video. Ask the questions on your heart and make sure to keep a journal nearby to record what comes through you and the visions you may experience. You might have visions, emotions or strong urges come through during this practice. Make sure to write everything you experience down. Be in a place of non-judgement as this is a ripe opportunity for your subconscious to air out at the end of the day.

Always make sure to clearly declare your intentions before a practice such as this. I touched on this briefly in the video, if you would like to learn more about setting intention and ceremonial space please let me know in the comments. :)

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