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My Year with the Wild Woman


Welcome to the Blog

My Year with the Wild Woman

Katie Burke

Last year on my 26th birthday I wanted a transformative year. I wanted more fun.  I wanted to feel  healthier and I wanted to the courage to make some life altering changes. Enter, Ali Schueler of Wild Woman Speaks. 

Listen to my interview with Ali on my podcast, The Tastemaker's Lounge!

Listen to my interview with Ali on my podcast, The Tastemaker's Lounge!

I think we all have those moments when we find someone online and instantly read everything they’ve blogged about, watch every video they’ve made and fall a little bit in love. I was so captivated with Ali’s lifestyle and frankly hadn’t seen anything like her before. After a few sessions I realized how little I knew about self-care. Even the term “self-care” was new to me! 

Ali is a leading voice in the rewilding movement, made popular by her partner Daniel Vitalis. Many of these lifestyle preferences like foraging and drinking spring water, foraging wild foods/medicines and closely following the lunar and solar cycles. I really recommend subscribing to her newsletters for a weekly dose of woman-to-woman soul food.

As I mention in my ebook I just released (download here for free) having a mentor and guide through complicated transitions is crucial. In fact, if you are considering hiring a life coach for your business or living a holistic lifestyle, if that coach isn’t actively seeking and participating with their own mentors or consultants, I’d see that as a red flag and be cautious to work with them.  

I decided if I was going to make the decision to work for a year with her, I was going to give it everything I had.

I made a list of everything I wanted to work on with her (naturally it was a bit over the top and ambitious) (wink!). I wanted to examine and improve every aspect of what made my life feel rich and valuable. My relationship to nutrition and food, self-care, spirituality, my relationship with my husband and family, embracing the divine feminine, launching my own business, gaining more freedom over my time and enriching my sensuality and sexuality. Not exactly a small request.   

It was a very dedicated year. Ali would send me beautiful practices for each week customized to what I was processing with her. I cherished these emails and love that I can print out each month and refer back to some of the writing prompts or self care practices she assigned to me if I ever need a boost. Week by week I detoxed my life of what wasn’t serving me. I did ALL of it. I revamped my self care and got rid of 99% of the stuff in my bathroom that wasn’t completely natural. I upgraded my nutrition and now I fuel my body like a queen. I finally started my own business which was something I had been dragging my feet on for years. It all came together. And there are two main reasons why I think it could happen.

Ali offered me accountability and permission. I recorded an Unedited Download with much more about this (exclusively for the ears of my Tastemaker Lounge gals, but don’t worry it’s free to join) about receiving permission. Sometimes that is so powerful and encouraging. Sometimes we just forget we can call ALL the shots, we have the power to change our mindset right away. When you have a coach or mentor that can send you friendly reminders on that, it’s much easier to make rapid and significant change.

You can listen to my interview with Ali here, she shares a bit more about her journey in business and gives us a look at the behind the scenes happenings for her. It was a blast to do this interview!

And join me in her online sisterhood at Wild Feminine Un.leashed!