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Play beyond consciousness


Welcome to the Blog

Play beyond consciousness

Katie Burke

I felt deeply inspired by writing posted by my favorite Facebook muse Sara Sophia Eisenman in her latest musing,

"One big issue for me with many of the "New Age" doctrines - Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks, and ACIM - is that there is a massive overemphasis on the importance of "thought" in creating reality. Conscious thought makes up maybe 10% of our processing, and the rest is unconscious, deep in the soma. If you want to change your life, drop from your head into your body, your very cells. Dance until you are empty. Hike until you fall into the arms of the bare Earth. Play until your belly aches with laughter. Sweat until you can't remember your own name. Witness the narratives and symbols that emerge from the automatic writing that is your every move, as you receive and revel in the magic created in realtime within and around you - and that witnessing is where the secret ingredient of consciousness indeed makes the difference.

Thought alone is just the icing on a very rich, decadent, unfathomably gorgeous cake.

Body is the cake.

This is so timely, because I’ve realized that so many of my own emotions and reactions come from a place of mystery. A magical place that is fuzzy with faint memory and sensations… past lives, parallel experiences that I am unconsciously aware of. It isn’t all about conscious thought as Sara poignantly points out. In fact it's so much grander and juicier than that. 

The sight of turquoise waters brings back sensations of being a High Priestess of Water before Lemuria fell… the magic static of my imagination starts going wild. The waters of my subconscious continuing to crash into my current experience, begging me to open the flood gates. 

For me, it is piecing together all of the mysterious sensations that I’m drawn to… Ancient Egypt, The Goddess Isis, The Order of Magdalena, The High Priestesses of Water from Lemuria. And I bet you are right there with me.