How I work with plant oil

In February of this year I had recently found out I was pregnant and feeling the full effects of early pregnancy. I was definitely in a slump and my intuition told me to reach out to Faye Wylder - who at the time I only knew through her Instagram Stories and a mutual friend. I felt our paths coming closer to cross so I sent her a random message and thought "wonder where that is going to take me"

Fast forward a few months, lots of Insta-stalking and wanting all these gorgeous oil blends she was anointing herself with, I found myself ordering a Premium Starter Kit of Essential Oils from Young Living through Faye. This package arrives to my place and it has it's own energy field.

Like, it's powerful. As soon as it arrived I knew something was going to change in my life. 

And it did.

Since that Premium Starter Kit arrived I've fallen in love with so many aspects of myself that were dormant for too long. When I first started my business I felt alive with purpose and incredibly hopeful. Over the years that started to slide. I was faced with so many spiritual narcissists, sometimes super lonely days, a total love/hate relationship with Instagram and my own writing. I started to feel like I was growing out of the solopreneur hustle.

I took time off during my pregnancy to ask myself "Do I *really* want to keep up with this while I have two kids?" I was considering closing it all down, unplugging from the web waves and going into off-grid mama status.

In perfect timing, I went on a spiritual pilgrimage with my partner.  We went to Mount Shasta and came home reborn (That mountain is POTENT people, if you are called to go, just be warned, everything is about to change for you. Sorry about that.) and no surprise the Starter Kit of Young Living Oils arrived days after. And there it sat with it's super high frequency and lux packaging. I nearly expected to start having a conversation with it since it was taking up so much energy in the room.

I started using them and these oils were blessing me on so many levels. I took them everywhere, I used them all day. I felt like I had a team of energy workers with me all day. It was the beginning of the support I had been craving.

All of the feels.

I had so many weird feelings about it. These oils are from an MLM, that's weird. I found myself obsessively thinking about these oils and how I wanted to share them as well as the compensation plan Young Living offers, because wow. That's SUPER WEIRD.

I had built a platform and audience geared towards Modern Priestesses. How does this fit? I was so confused at how insistent my heart and guidance was towards this as my next step. 

The more I sat with this the more I realized how hungry I was for a bridge to be built from The Modern Priestess Movement to mainstream culture. I moved away from my home with a garden of many herbs, flowers and vegetables to a much more urban apartment. I realized I was missing my connection to that wonderful plot of Earth that was my sanctuary. These portable little bottles are the perfect way to connect to the plant realm when I'm living in a small apartment in the middle of a city.

It is SOOOO modern priestess to be stacked with essential oils, beauty products and over the counter products that are naturally based with essential oils, AND to get paid to share it. I get it. 

Once I surrendered to it I felt a rush of creative fire. I saw everything in front of me for the next two years. I felt ease, I felt support, I felt financially expanded. I started to say YES to receiving more wealth in form of more income, more friendships and support, and more time to be a real and normal mom, which I actually like sometimes. I saw the framework and I liked it, I really liked it.  I'm now ALL-IN on receiving the abundance of Mother Earth through essential oils and this company that has blessed me with so much support on every level.  Through this decision my income has increased and my purpose is more aligned than it has been all year.

If you want to order some oils and join my team I'd love it. Friend me on Facebook and send me a message if you have any questions. 


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