She calls herself "A Priestess"

The word “Priestess” and I have had a slippery relationship. I’ve noticed a LOT of other spiritual women do as well.

This last winter my earth bound self and I have hid under the covers from this word, this… calling.  It simply wouldn’t leave me alone. I felt like I was screaming “JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES MOM! JEEZ!” and slamming the door in the face of my higher guidance. Total temper tantrums, self loathing, disappointment and avoidance towards my higher guidance. It seemed for months there was an internal battle happening of who go to hold the microphone for my inner dialogue between the aspect of myself that was/is/forever will be “The Priestess” and my earth bound self, “Katie.”

The irony was that my higher guidance would push and push and push to let go of my identity. Completely forget who I am and go to the black womb of no thing, be in that space and be nothing. I love that space, that consciousness. NOTHINGNESS. It’s bliss.

And when I would come back, earth bound “Katie” would be all like “Thank you that was amazing… But what is it that I DO?” and the only word that would ever resonate with the frequency of my higher guidance was and is “Priestess.” Really? We can’t go with something a little less revolutionary, less radical? It started to irritate me that no other doors of vocabulary were opening with grace and I really felt stuck with this word and resented it. I really started to consider that this was too hard to look at and to truly become one with. Maybe I can’t do it.

I was resisting my expansion into my authenticity, therefor welcoming my depression and melancholy. And that felt horrible, so I dug deeper into the pureness of my heart.

In this personal inner excavating I remembered even more and more of my literal limitlessness. I go on forever and somewhere you and I dance together and are the same exact being in that foreverness. It is not something that my lower self understands, but The Priestess, she understands if I put this at the top of my human awareness at all times, it is best for me. And I started to let her have the microphone to my inner dialogue on a more full time basis.

The Priestess is always connected and actively accessing and surrendering to higher guidance. She actively perfects the connection to her Self. She explores her truth until she is one with that truth. This is no earth bound woman, this is a channel of a perfect balance of love and wisdom. I’m not saying perfect as a woman, but so authentically aligned with her truth that she is able to access where space and time do not exist and bring it forth in the present moment. Day by day, I surrender more of myself to her ways of being, thinking and feeling.

Now, where I see us earth bounders getting caught up and confused is when we imagine that this must look like a literally angel whose skin glows, her body, hair and skin is flawless and she must have mass followers of people simply hoping to soak in the presence of this Goddess like woman walking the earth, posting photos of her online as she channels her star family.  That is simply ONE beautiful perspective.  Who doesn’t love and feel inspired by a woman like that?

The other equally beautiful perspective is that a Priestess has a morning of solitude, making the bed, doing the dishes, the laundry, then she takes a moment to gently exercise her body. Maybe she sings her baby to sleep for a nap and joins him.  And then she makes stew for dinner, and writes in her journal and goes to bed.  Unseen the whole day long except by a few friends and neighbors, connected to her most authentic love and joy and not accepting anything less into her reality. It was divine, it was miraculous AND IT WAS AND IT IS the day in the life of a Priestess.  Her love pours out of her in every moment seen and unseen by others.  Again, she has one job, keep her connection and actively accessing and surrendering to higher guidance.

I have found these different aspects or personalities of “Priestessing” to be very helpful. The expansive and creative ways that a Priestess can express her authenticity. This is why we have lineages we all relate to. A Priestess of Hathor/Isis, who makes you sit up a little taller in her presence of her pure heart.  A Priestess of Artemis/Diana, who fascinates you with her seemingly magickal abilities and connection with the many creatures Sophia Gaia.  A Priestess of The Order of Magdalena whose radical soul nearly brings you to tears just by locking eyes with her….  On and on across the cosmos, since the beginning of time these stories are forever unfolding and we are finding our way back home to where we fit most comfortably.

Priestess is the word I have been given to express “I’m coming into my Divine Feminine Awakening now, and I’ll do it how I like it. Thank you.” 

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