She felt her feelings.

She had to radical idea to feel all of her feelings.

She set the phone down and put her hand on her womb. 

She felt her heart breaking and swelling and crying out for love which moved up her throat and out of her mouth 

as a primal sob.

Breathing in through her nose and

out through her mouth. 

Her lips trembled with the shockwaves of sadness

tearing through her body.

She summoned the courage to ask “Why does it have to hurt this badly?”

Another sob came before she could finish her thought. 

And another.

A whisper came when it was quiet.

“Forgive yourself.”

She doubled over grabbing at her heart in an attempt to hold the tender pieces together. 

Her face was wet and she was catching her breath.

The sound of the divine speaking through her, more determined now… 

“Forgive yourself.”  

And so it was. 

She remembered she can alchemically turn her pain into compassionate power

and forgiveness.

Her Angel wings made a magical debut and wrapped her in her own sovereignty and self-worth that could

only come from within her, 

and no one else.

A temple was resurrected in the once broken chambers of her heart. 

Just the way she liked it.

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