She's more than an entrepreneur.

I’d like to clarify something. Creating Bravely.

I do not intend to create this space because I am an expert in creativity or bravery. It is actually the opposite. Standing up for myself has been a struggle ever since I was a little girl. I have done massive amounts of work here in the last year and a half, but even after months of intense studying and working with empowered women and energy healers, I still have to pause and remember to set a boundary. I still have to remember my voice can match anyone I meet. I still have to tell myself, blossom as beautifully as you want, don’t hold back, keep breaking through the ceiling. 

And as far as creativity, I’ve only tapped back into my child like ability to create only recently. That feeling of time not existing. That sensation that there are no limits to what I can do, that has taken a lot of work too. And there is much room to grow.

I am not a huge fan of the word entrepreneur. It does not really capture the essence of the spirit of who I work with correctly. Yes, she runs her own business, but she does so much more. She isn’t just running a business, she is baring her soul. She is healing the world by publicly examining her suffering. She digs deep and delivers. She does not simply write a business plan and move on to her next venture, no. This woman has a lifetime of work in front of her. She is bigger than an entrepreneur. She is a warrior.

I intend to set a space to allow you to stand up. Raise your chest up and be proud of your work. Free yourself, even for a moment, from the voice that keeps you small. 

I will keep learning so I can keep teaching. We are in that together. ‪#‎creatingbravely‬.