Steady in Conviction

I pride myself in being a woman of hope in hopeless situations. I have found this is ultimately most helpful in finding my clarity. 

My hope for the rest of 2016 is that we will continue to recognize the veil that has been draped over mass consciousness and start to actively rip holes in it. The amount of control and manipulation over our population through media and lack of media is staggering and also completely unsurprising to me. 

For the sake of my own authenticity and sanity I can’t keep my filter intact any longer when it comes to what I am seeing and feeling in our collective consciousness. It is very uncomfortable for me to acknowledge this publicly because I understand this shadow are a difficult mirror to spend much time looking into. In the expanding paradox that I am becoming I realize the practice at hand is holding absolute devastation with the faith of victory. 

The shadows of how reliant and docile we have become to the government and corporate greed are up for all of us to examine and change. The infrastructures of society are both burning down and welcoming a new paradigm. 

And as thousands of people start to look through the rips in the veil, where will you be? Will you be ready to serve thousands of people with your medicine? Are you ready to serve in a global shift in consciousness and activism? These are a few of the questions I’ve been asking myself over the last two weeks. Dare yourself to get excited about the challenges and opportunities for complete change in 2017.

I refuse to allow for a rise of hate in my reality. I commit to keeping my Light at the center of my awareness and reminding myself how much power I hold as an individual and member of our collective consciousness. 

I am grateful for the urgency we are all feeling. I am grateful for those of you who are keeping your heart aligned seeing opportunities for unconditional love. 

Holding all of the light and dark in my heart in slow breaths. Love, Katie

Katie BurkeComment