The Awake Woman

It can be easy to forget that we have tools that can help us in times of intense times of transition or stress, like, ya know, having a baby.

I have an incredible network of women who are healers, writers, storytellers, intuitives, astrologers and wise women. But sometimes you need an accountability partner. Someone who shows up with the lantern in the dark, grabs your hand and walks beside you through a transition.  Lizzie became that for me. So now, tucked away in my toolbox of soul council is a glittery magic wand in the form of Lizzie Swartz from

When Lizzie and I started working together I didn’t fully understand what flower essences were and how they worked. I knew about stress relief from Dr. Bach, and I have had success with that line, but I didn’t know why or what was really going on there... So I went into our first call not fully knowing or understanding how she was going to offer relief for my ailments. But as we started talking things unfolded so naturally. I quickly eased into knowing Lizzie was being guided by her intuition and offering healing from her wise old soul. She has a gifted relationship with the plants and higher guides that I trusted. I could relax, I felt completely taken care of in the flow of our first call. She is the most natural healer I’ve ever encountered. And I could not wait to see how the next three months would unfold.

After each session she sent practices and rituals to assist the flower essences that were on the way to my home. The first bottle she sent assisted with temporary overwhelm, for coming back into the body, sealing the energy field weakened from times of stress or transition and of course, supporting the feminine. Plus a bottle of blackberry essence for focusing, procrastination, and getting shit done. Both supported me beautifully.

The second session we went deeper. When we got to the bottom of things, and it was all about boundaries. The first call I was very intentional about stating I wanted to get back to work. I missed my sharpness and my ability to focus. I want to be the Queen and the Mother. But for weeks, that was all I was doing. Mothering, and then working, and then mothering and then jumping right back into working. Quite literally, all day and all night. I barely took time to shower, let alone make time for play or leaving the house. I remember Lizzie asking in our Skype session, “What kind of boundaries do you set for yourself?” and I replied with a long blank stare at the screen. She found what she needed in the next batch of flower essences.

Once again, Lizzie delivered. She sent me Motherwort - for speaking your truth; for establishing healthy boundaries and Sunray Lily - for healing caretaking at the expense of my own well-being among others for feminine sweetness and feeling divinely connected, among other plant allies. After a few days. I was getting organized. I was thoughtful and careful with my time. I didn’t let days begin and end in a blur of sacrificing myself to my daughter. I was intentional and mindful. I took back control of my time.

Now we are heading into our third month together and I’m feeling connected, I’m healing from the intensity of postpartum, I am comfortably setting intentional boundaries, but the doubt was still bubbling up... am I worth it?

Our final call was all about self worth. The second chakra. The core of what so many other women are struggling with. Is this enough? Am I enough? Leaning into intuition and healing the second chakra wound is a task among almost every woman I know. This call was the one that stuck with me. Each conversation had been sprinkled with magic and tears from feeling the purity of love that Lizzie blasted my way, but this time Lizzie was delivering my battle cry and declaring my own feminine awakening. She knew I could take the push into a new level of bravery and creativity. It was an incredibly personal conversation, and as most things that touch you on a deep personal level are very hard to put words to because it was intangible, and it was very special to me.

A purposeful prescription of self worth was on it’s way… Bellflower, Larch, Missouri Primrose among others that have boosted my confidence. After a few days of taking her latest blend, I could feel my self worth waking up, stretching it’s legs and ready to take me for a walk.

She also sent me a bottle of Red Rose from her garden (that I absolutely treasure) along with a beautiful note on what the Rose communicated to her...

"Boundaries are necessary for the healthy development of the heart, but sometimes we place barbed wire around areas that don’t need to be protected. There are places within all of our hearts where we close ourselves off to experiencing the wholeness of reality. Often times this relates to our sexuality. Often times this relates to the divine feminine. We fear these parts, sometimes identifying them with the shadows, when in reality they are who we are in the deepest cores of our being.

We are sexual, creative creatures. We are meant to love one another. Without an open heart - womb connection, we sever ourselves off from our life force.

I help to build and strengthen the connection between your heart and your reproductive organs, working along the conception vessel, integrating each part.

And I also break down ego and personality patterns preventing you from expressing your divine feminine and divine masculine union. My medicine releases the barriers preventing you from expressing the wholeness of your divinity, integrating the lower and the upper chakras, and providing a sense of freedom.

In essence, my medicine allows you to feel, “I am free.”

Flower essences will now forever be part of my regime. My eyes and heart are now open to a new world of medicine to tap into... book Lizzie so she can help get you started too

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