The Resurrection Moment

Have you felt the transformation happening over the last three to five years like I have? It’s actually ridiculous. Unbelievable.

Sisters, I really struggle with how to even begin to share with you. There is so much information coming to me that I genuinely haven’t figured out my content sharing system until very recently. There are so many writings, so many audio recordings, and videos in the draft folder and ALL I WANT TO DO IS GIVE IT TO YOU.

Oh, and the half written book channeled with Isis. I want to give that to you too.

But the way in which the online world has turned, this takes incredible discipline to follow through on the FULL list of to-dos for the broadcast to ever reach you, keep your attention AND reach new women and stay in my own lane and not be distracted by what others are doing. It’s beyond a full time job. 

I struggled with this process so much that I felt paralyzed and so I just kept creating the content but I haven’t shared it with you.

And I knew I couldn’t be alone in that. I have a feeling there are SO MANY of you who are walking through intense (INTENSE) initiations of transformations and maybe even feel numb with how to share about it or really capitalize on the opportunity to share these sort of transformations with others. When we don’t share these moments it is such a missed opportunity for the Sisterhood. 

I know deep down this is where our feminine power is. It’s in the stories we share. Grace is in the stories we don’t share across in public. I want both.

So I got into solution mode. I really needed to understand what the most important things were so I wasn’t wasting my time and I was really reaching you in a valuable way. This is where my focus has been over the last few months, but I’d first like to explain a quick overview of my career and life path until I reached that moment of resurrection and understanding what I was to do next…

  • Early twenties - graduated with a Fashion Merchandising degree and move to St. Louis began working full time for a women’s fashion catalogue company under a Head Buyer who flew to New York to have her hair done.

  • Felt like I was slowly dying, quit to go into business full time with my husband and ran a business that reached a million in sales across three states in our first year working together. Our marriage fell apart.

  • I went on to work for a Financial Wealth Manage and get a masters degree in strategic communication and public relations.

  • Went on to work for a huge marketing agency in St Louis and I helped a small start up reach their goal of over $100,000 and then move on to greater things.

  • Then I became pregnant for the first time and knew I was meant for a totally new direction in my life and work. I started in 2014 and have been constantly evolving it ever since, hosting a Modern Priestess Mystery School at the height of that endeavor.

Due to trauma that occurred in my second pregnancy and postpartum, I cut this huge part of myself off that you just read about and went completely numb. 

I couldn’t function a lot of the time. And the good days i did have, it sort of gave my husband the subconscious permission to have his own personal healing crisis and then I was holding deep attention and space for him. And then I would be exhausted and trying to be available for my young children and myself, and my healing crisis husband and it felt like a full time job, because it was. My family is my highest priority.

We rode this roller coaster for two years, but most of that ride felt like a free fall where we would certainly meet our death. Everything was stripped away from us. Our hometown feeling and sense of belonging, our finances and wealth mentality, our relationship, my sanity felt like it was constantly walking a tight-rope to the point of extreme melt-downs, breakdowns and after a long two years, a break-through.

Not a big miracle. No knight on a horse. Not even a change in direction in any major way. Plainly the simple, daily, silent determination to change my life and never experience this level of suffering again. I commanded it to be so. I kept my head down and kept walking.

There was no other choice. We had lost two of our cars in one year. We faced infidelity. We faced near bankruptcy. We both needed to be self-employed because we couldn’t find the kind of work we needed to support our family, so we are working from home while also raising children. We lived on food bank food for about six months. We faced the promise of work and new jobs (the most exciting) and then those promises dissolving away like sand through our fingers (the most discouraging and enlightening). 

I felt very hopeless through a lot of this. I cried almost every day. I prayed more than I ever had. It was and still is, very challenging to share any and all of this with you. 

And then something happened… a single moment of painful truth that came through a psychic download that shook me so hard that Shakti woke up my spine and through my chest and I screamed and demanded and commanded a DIFFERENT life. Starting immediately. I made a promise to myself that I swore I would never break again.

That was the moment of my real resurrection. 

That was the moment I realized and remembered, I do have reverence for this Life. I do want to live. 

The thing is, I had been dying. For years. Lifetimes. Falling deeper into the separation, martyrdom, the curses, the anger, the rage, the hatred. I fell for centuries.

And in the last three to five years I feel like I’ve experienced every decade of those lifetimes screaming in my face to be seen and to be loved. There was no one else to do it. It was my turn to embody the Dark Goddess and reclaim my day-to-day living, my Life. There was no one else to do it, and thank Goddess for that!

I started to practice The Beauty Way even if I cried the whole time. I started to put on makeup and stand up taller. I started keeping promises I made myself. I started cleaning my house every day as if Isis herself was coming over, because I expected her and other Ascended Masters to show up and help me when I couldn’t help myself, or even afford gas money to get out of the house. 

I expected miracles and sometimes I would spit and scream at the Earth for them until I would softly surrender into silence and could once again feel grace was possible.

I started to slowly tell my story to trusted friends. I would see the reflection and tears in their eyes as they encouraged me to keep going. I would receive their blessings and allow my heart to fold open, slowly. Gently.

Finally, with the Divine Feminine strength in my belly and my legs solidly on the Earth, I was ready to know the next step. And I received my answer.

Reverence Digital Marketing Agency is the first of its kind to service Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are expanding into the embodiment of their Higher Self through their business models. I didn’t say “perfect business person.” Because let’s be real, most of the teachers in this space are also navigating lifetimes of trauma and I get it.

But the ones who are still going... They still connect to the Earth as the number one priority. They still feel ALL their feelings. They are willing to tell their story with honesty, humility and service top of mind. These are the ones I service and they require more muscle and I’m a powerhouse when it comes to muscle. My initiations made sure of that one. 

Strong and reliable support for virtual assistance and digital marketing strategy. We deliver on Instagram Content Creation, Video Creation and Editing, SEO & Keyword Research/Strategy, Newsletter strategy, Pinterest strategy and most importantly, a Reverent mindset when it comes to your work. Isis is running this vision across my eyes of this agency and it is my service to show up and make it what it is. So far, with our combined clientele social media accounts we have a reach of over 11 million people. 


That’s a big number for me and I’m proud of this reach and impact that has only begun this summer. I am ready for continued growth and I’m writing to you because I want your support. 

I want you to feel encouraged to share this marketing agency with the visionaries you see who need virtual assistance support (or maybe you know you are one of them!).  I can be contacted through

Reverence will not be a business I speak of often here, in fact I needed to share this story and new agency with you so that we could move on to more interesting matters here at KatieBurke.Co such as spell work and creating an enchanted life (Hello Autumn Equinox, I SEE YOU!!) and that is all I care to share about here going forward. My personal journey will be weaved in, but there are so many valuable teachings from Isis, rituals, spells, and motivations for mindset that I look forward to sharing more of here. This all really needed to be shared first for those of you who have been with me since the early days.

Now that you know where I’m at, back to our originally scheduled programming of Modern Priestess Mysteries made simple and beautiful and sexy as ever.

In the next letter, Sacred Sisterhood Spells.

Love, Katie

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