The shift is here! Welcome to our Patreon

For months I’ve been asking what the next chapter would look like. The scene is set in Sedona, but what will I do there? How will I contribute? What will I create? I had no answers to this question, not even a hint except for my continued love and gratitude for my expanding relationship with essential oils and helping others do the same. You can read more about that here (and I would love for you to invite this radical support into your life. You are worth that).

Recently all of the pieces fell into place. It was clear that Ben and I would authentically and frequently start sharing this epic Life we have started creating for ourselves and allow you into the journey. This is not advice we have to share, but simply living in a way that feels powerful, beautiful and purposeful. 

It is our belief that we (collectively) are on the brink of many waves of ascension energy that will be channeled through our galactic center through the Sun in our solar system providing all of us with significant energies starting this month, just a few days really. 

With the energies coming towards us this week and next, it’s a good time to really, really find our people. This is a priority for me.

Weaving myself into a web of friends who really see me, really want to have a conversation and meet me in my vulnerability is what is up for me right now. I’m not settling for less. My filter and boundaries are UP. “I’ve got big work to do and you can come or not” is kind of my vibe right now. Do you feel that in your own life? I’ve been talking to a lot of friends whose answer is YES. 

We have found the best medium for this is Patreon and here is why...

When I go to the desert and I want to connect with Gaia, I bring an offering (typically tobacco). I bring a small gift that says, I’m here and I want to have an exchange of perspective. I honor you and I am blessed to be in your presence to understand you more. I’m listening with my full attention. 

Patreon is like sprinkling a little tobacco before receiving from the plants. There is an exchange of energy. It creates a sacred container for communing with one another. It has a different feel than sharing all of this online and I don’t know who it is reaching or who is interacting with my open heart. 

If this is more of the “social media” you are interested in engaging in we would really love to meet you over on our Patreon page. Here is how we have it set up right now...

  • Wellness & Family: $1 or more per month. Practical and insightful content shared on the topics of: Relationships, Cleansing & Diet, Parenting & Day-to-Day Lifestyle

  • Downloads: $3 or more per month. Unfiltered, uncensored and mostly unplanned content shared on the topics of: Channeled Sessions, Inspired Thoughts, Personal Memos, Card Readings & Energy Forecasts. + Wellness & Family topics.

  • Leadership: $11 or more per month. Pioneering and bleeding edge content shared on the topics of: Entrepreneurship, Manifesting, Thought Leadership, Exponential Personal Growth. + Wellness & Family + Downloads topics.

  • Open Door: $77 or more per month. Access to Ben's Personal Journals, Monthly, Personal Energy Readings from Katie, Guided Meditations and DNA Activations. + Wellness & Family + Downloads + Leadership topics