Your Spiritual Awakening is your Greatest Love Story

The story of my spiritual awakening is very much a love story. Like all great love stories there was a woman who was suffering, mostly quietly. Not allowing anyone to come near her tender heart. 
It only seems appropriate to speak about this past version of myself as a completely different woman, because she was. She was constantly irritated and angry. Nothing satisfied her cravings for more LIFE. Everywhere she tried, even the most desperate of situations to fill her void of feeling alive, left her feeling even more empty than before. 

The transition to the woman I am now was not an overnight one. Absolutely not. It took about two years of daily hard work to finally love and accept myself. It was when I started to mother my own heart that I could see my true worth and fall in deep rapture with the idea of spending the rest of my life with just… me and know I alone would be enough. Only then did I understand the common thread to all of our problems is internal suffering and punishment. As a collective we punish ourselves too often and too sharply. 

I spent nearly every day of those two years building a foundation of #radicalselfworthin my own heart which has become the safest place in the world for me. I did it with a lot of sacred sisterhood support, discipline and humility. I called in powerful priestesses and goddesses to help me lay the bricks. I received their medicine with gratitude and honor. 

I still have all of my feminine feelings. I allow those feelings to fully penetrate my body, heart and mind. Sadness, fear, shame, past experiences all still try to block my path on occasion. Now I can recognize the choice to surrender or courageously burn those feelings clean from my experience. And if you have worked with me before you know how well I can tend to a fire. 

This weekend I will be taking a break from writing (I think) and mediating on deepening my gratitude for embodying the greatest love story of my lifetime. Reach out to me at if you are looking for someone to help you rise.

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