The Rise of the Ancient Art of Oracle Work

I am an Oracle. I’d like to share what I’ve experienced and learned so far on my journey. Much of what I have written can be expanded on extensively, however I wanted to provide an overview, or starting point, to what can be a much larger conversation.

The women I have had the honor to work or collaborate with are not waking up; they are already awake. Wide. Fucking. Awake.

And when you are so aware and so deeply in tune with the collective state of consciousness, you have a front row seat to seeing the collective karma be transmuted in the light. There are a lot of feelings and emotions swirling around, seeking to be healed. The light is shining on all aspects of energy within and without that which needs to be balanced. These are radical times for Earth Angels everywhere to say the least. 

On one side of this cosmic scale, we have monumental suffering unlike anything I can articulate with this one article. On the other side, there are those of us who are, again, not waking up, but full-blown awake and remembering who we truly are. We are realizing we are Oracles of Ascended Masters, Angels, and higher dimensional Light Beings. The polarity of the collective experience is absolutely spectacular right now.

For the sake of clarity I would like to explain how I understand the ancient art of being an Oracle. An Oracle is channeling messages from the Divine in a multitude of ways. These divine messages can come through as spoken or written word, art, music, acting, dance and other forms of expression. This channeling usually comes at the request of divine guidance. Asking is always required in my experience.  You may have heard the expression of someone having a “clear channel,” which I believe to mean that person is able to download messages from a higher source without significant interference of ego or fear. 

It is important to establish with which councils of beings you would like to work. Typically, you need to invoke a personal guide or your higher self with which to co-create.  I, for example, have several councils that are open to working with me. Who I ask or invoke to guide me depends on what I am working on. This starts with meditation, opening my crown chakra, typically writing on the floor or with both feet planted on the ground, and a specific playlist of music that keeps me relaxed. I also use a personal blend of flower essences to assist with subconscious fears that arise or assist in my heart opening to more guidance. Although I have this ritual setting established I do receive messages from my guides when I am not concentrating on channeling writing - nearly on a daily basis at this point. 

How does one train in the ancient art of being an Oracle?  I believe it is a much more natural phenomena than we give it credit for. Our bodies are temples that serve us in so many ways as spiritual instruments. Oracle work is simply one of the many natural abilities we are collectively remembering.  There is a rich history of Oracles and how they would train, but I think it is important to remember we are here to birth a new paradigm in a modern civilization, so listening to our own intuitive process first and foremost is most important. 

The first step I was advised on was to invite humility into my life and make it a close ally. When I started working with my channeling mentor, the very first transcription that came through me was a very firm and loving one from the Goddess and Ascended Master, my personal Guide, Isis (3.21.2016):

“The fact that we have a devoted relationship to one another although divinely intimate, is not extraordinary. I have relationships with women all over the world, now and forever more. I advise you to remember that my daughter. Keep my image and name free from your own egotistical gains. You are here to be a light.  A light to those who have forgotten their sovereignty. I am accessible and by your side to develop your teachings and Light work.” 

Once humility is established, the work becomes much more loving and fun. I believe that your channeled work will only be of service if it is done with the innocence and purity of your loving heart. 

My Oracle sisters and I are all writers when we channel, so I would like to explain how I have trained in the art of Oracle work as a writer. Someday soon I’d like to follow up with an article about speaking as a channel, however it is still a new practice for me that I am exercising.   When I feel my ego start to feel afraid and try to shut down what I am saying with an inner critic response, I know I’m usually starting to tap into a powerful transmission. That kind of writing is not always the most comfortable but does have a foundation of love and inner peace to support it.  This is a ton of depth and nuance to this work, so I am sharing the thin layer of the top of my experience. 

My channeling mentor and author, Kaia Ra, explained it to me as expanding my crown chakra to fill up the entire room where I reside, and then to invite the consciousness of those that I would like to channel with into my field of energy. From there, they merge into what is downloading into my channel and from there can be transmitted on to the page. This is the most simplified version that I can provide. Having an intimate relationship with my own energy field has helped quite a bit. If you are looking for an example of very clear channeling work, I would very much recommend her book, The Sophia Code.

I have encountered many roadblocks, but I would like to address what I feel are the collective roadblocks to being a clear channel to the Divine. The first and obvious roadblock is fear. Fear of being “crazy” or “going off the deep end” and so on. Making yourself feel very safe and protected is essential.  A very real problem is doubting or feeling unsure if the words you are writing are from the divine or just your own thoughts. There is also the suffering of unworthiness, addiction to suffering and fear based thinking, as well as our physical bodies not being in the most ideal condition to channel (myself included in all of the above at times). 

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of feeling a true sense of safety. When I was channeling Isis through my spoken work around a fire the other night, she continued to emphasize how SAFE I am to sink into Oracle work. I can imagine it has been one lifetime after another for thousands of years where this was simply not the case due to our society’s history. The stronger the sense of safety, the clearer and faster the channeled writing will flow. We truly are safe now to start exploring our divinity. 

Once those qualities are smoothed out, it is also essential to allow for a very high vibrational diet, supplements and integration time. When I am making sure my body is finely tuned and cared for my spiritual work thrives. A few specific guidelines I have been given for my body this past summer were laying off poultry, cane sugar and dairy, adding in extra niacin, vitamins for my nervous system and drinking beet juice. This is obviously just my own personal example, however meeting my bodies preferred requirements significantly help my clarity and energy.  

Channeling is a very personal practice and one that requires consistent practice and discipline. But as with everything happening now, we are in this revolution together. 

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