I was hesitant to switch over to Thieves cleaner for a few reasons... 

1) I thought it was really expensive.

2) I was used to the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Method cleaners which I *thought* were non-toxic. (Download the ThinkDirty App to see what is going on with ALL of your cleaning and bathroom products. Yep, that includes makeup too)

3) It’s just easier to do what we’ve always done, right?

But last year I decided I wanted to begin the process of ditching and switching all of the toxic products in our home. So I went for it and ordered the Thieves cleaner. When it arrived I realized that you just put a CAPFUL of this into a spray bottle of water because it’s a concentrate! So no, not expensive by any means when you compare the cost to any other cleaner. And the SMELL! It is like pumpkin pie to me, we love how the house smells when we use it. Then I started exploring the other Thieves Household products and I was floored with how well they worked.


There is a way to get started with my community by getting started with the Thieves Premium Starter Kit. Our house is FILLED with the Thieves line.

This retails at over $330, so $160 is a great deal for all the product you are getting!

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit includes:

  • 15 ml Thieves Essential Oil - the blend behind all of these incredible products, Thieves can be used aromatically, topically, and internally, to support the immune system and boost your overall wellness. Remember, when your immune system is supported, the rest of your body will function at its best.
  • 2 bottles of Thieves Spray - - public places, restrooms, door handles, gas pumps, car interior: just a few of the places where we might wish we had a pair of gloves to handle things. Thieves Spray is a quick grab purifying spray for fabric and surfaces that may be compromised by germs and yuck. Perfect to stash in your purse or bag. 
  • 2, 14.4 ounce bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner - an all natural, essential oil based cleaner that works on EVERY surface of your home. No toxins, fragrance, or chemicals that I just talked about above. Just natural plant based cleaning power. 
  • Thieves Mouthwash - same deal as the toothpaste, why would you want to swish alcohol and dyes and chemicals around in your mouth when you could use Rosemary, Clove, Lemon, Peppermint and Cinnamon?? This formula includes soy based Lecithin which helps bind the food grade essential oils to your mucus membranes. It's definitely intense and WORKS.
  • Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste - - as a person with sensitive gums and teeth, I was shocked at the amazing effects and comfort I found using Thieves toothpaste. You get the good clean feels, while also knowing that you aren’t pushing a toxic paste around your mouth that makes you nauseous when swallowed. (It is actually encouraged to swallow a little toothpaste while brushing with Thieves!). This is always the thing that I get messages about saying "My partner finally switched to a natural toothpaste, they never could fully get on board with the others!"
  • 2 Thieves Foaming Handsoaps - understanding that what we put on our skin absorbs right into the bloodstream made me think about what I am washing my hands with... am I actually doing any good washing with fragrance and chemicals? Do I want to be anti-bacteria everything? It matters to me to use Living things to help aid my human bod. Keep it natural, clean and green. Thieves hand soap is all of that AND smell like citrus cinnamon delicious, which happens to be my fave. 
  • Thieves Hand Purifier - safe, natural, toxin and chemical free on the spot Hand purifier. Keep it handy for whenever you need to clean the hands and rid the germs.
  • 2 Ningxia Red Samples (I like to call these teasers instead of samples because they are so good! We drink this every day, it's amazing)
  • 10 Oil Samples
  • 5 ml Stress Away blend (Wonderful in the diffuser!)
  • All the literature and resources you could need with access to our private community.

This bottle of cleaner lasts me MONTHS and with two little kids I feel like I am constantly spraying everything down. Although I thought it was easier to run up to Whole Foods and pick up a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s, it’s not worth it and just as easy to add to my monthly Essential Rewards as needed along with the other Thieves household items (laundry, foaming hand soap, etc). 🙌🏻

I’m excited to keep moving towards a healthier home and this is a big player in that. It smells SO good, makes everything sparkle, and is safe for everyone in your family, including pets.

Follow these instructions: 

1.  Go to this link.

2. Click “Become a Member” 

3. Choose “member” (not retail)

5. Pick a username, password, and a 4-digit pin (write it down – you’ll need it to log in!)

6. Click on other Premium Starter Kits and choose the Thieves Premium Starter Kit

7. (OPTIONAL) Choose whether or not you would like to be an Essential Rewards member. You’ll have oils shipped to your door every month! It’s worth every penny!!! Shipping is cheaper, you qualify for bonus oils if you spend 190, 250, or 300PV. You also get 10% back in free oils (no matter what you spend) for the first 3 months, 20% back after 4 months, and 25% back after 25 months. You must spend 50PV each month to maintain Essential Rewards. You can change the date your order ships each month, and you pick the oils you want. I recommend you select “custom ER” and add a few oils you’ve had your eye on to your order! I recommend the laundry detergent and the dishwashing detergent. Each are very concentrated! 

8. Select “continue shopping” if you’d like to add other items to your cart. I recommend the Thieves cleaner for $22 – it’s concentrated; you get 20 spray bottles out of it! That’s 50 cents a bottle for organic cleaner! 

9. Check out and complete your sign up process! 

To learn more about your oils, log into your virtual office at www.youngliving.com, “sign in” and check out the short videos on the “Getting Started” tab.

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