Feminine Focus E-Course

Feminine Focus E-Course

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A three part series about balance and an intimate share of my inner connection to work, life and relationships. 

*By purchasing Feminine Focus you will receive instant access to all nine chapters. 

*This e-course originally lived under the Nabalo Collective which is referenced in the recordings. Recorded in December of 2015.

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Chapter 1: Daily Routines

A day in the life & how to release the mental chatter to invoke more focus.

Chapter 2: Online Tools

Online tools I use to set myself up for success and my tactical office habits.

Chapter 3: Invoke the Muse

Rituals to invoke creativity and triggers for getting fired up to do the great work.


Chapter 1 - REST

A very honest look at where my hours were going. How to prioritize the self-care you really need. For me, that was much more rest and recharging time. How my nightstand is set up for optimal nourishment. 

Chapter 2 - PLAY

When was the last time you totally got lost in your process and forgot what time is was because you were just playing? Tapping back into your divine feminine essence through play. Plus a writing prompt to help you dig deeper. 

Chapter 3 - Self Care

Are you ready? We are talking ALL about self-care. How to define what works for YOU. 


Chapter 1: Boundaries & Hard Conversations. 

Stepping into the mother archetype. The importance of privacy. How to manage the friends and family who are sucking a lot of your time and energy away. Are you receiving as much as you are giving? Plus writing prompts to help you in your process. 

Chapter 2: LOVE.

Women, I’m sharing my most valuable relationship tips with both my man and my network of incredible women. 

Chapter 3: FUN!

When is the next time you are going to get yourself in a laughing fit? We are ending on a fun note as I share my story around making the decision to embrace and prioritize way more fun.