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Katie Burke is an intuitive, alchemist and spiritual revolutionary who currently practices and publishes oracle writings and ceremonies delivered from her High Council. She now offers "Modern Priestess Mentoring" for awakening women.



My name is Katie Burke and I am a modern priestess.



Come of the Journey to Sacred Partnership

The awakening is upon us.  Both men and women are waking up very, very quickly.  Unfortunately, not everyone is along for the ride at the same pace; each person's process is unique.  This leaves many people saying, "I want to continue down this path, but my partner and I are not sharing the experience." 

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About Katie

Formally a digital marketing guru and graduate student of strategic communication, Katie Burke began her Divine Feminine Awakening and remembering when she conceived her daughter. This journey of self-healing and radical self-worth lead to the Modern Priestess Movement and her own self-actualization.

Katie administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual traditions of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian Teachings of Isis & Hathor.  She currently is pregnant with her second child and enjoying the summer with her daughter and leading bi-monthly meditations with her partner, Ben Burke. 

Katie's offerings are limited in 2017 as she welcomes a new baby into the world. Please sign up for the newsletter to know when new offerings are available.