Practical solutions to vibrant living with ascension energies. Vulnerable views into my own expanding heart. I offer a mirror for you to examine your own path of awakening.





Along with my partner Ben, I share nearly daily about the shift in consciousness happening within our own reality. We have created an open window to our hearts and minds as we navigate the ascension energies saturating the planet. Both practical daily living along with esoteric and spiritual concepts we are exploring daily. 



I'm currently placed in Sedona Arizona. Explore where we can connect more deeply online and in-person. 


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I am passionate about helping others improve their homes and bodies through non-toxic living and I help provide hundreds of families with products to make that shift easy and luxurious through essential oils and non-toxic household products. 


““Katie is 100% the real deal. I came to our meeting spun out, overwhelmed and creatively cooked and within 90 minutes I had a game plan with super actionable steps and ideas I hadn’t even considered. 
Katie took what had me in mental knots for months and whipped it into biz gold in an hour and a half. Genius.”