(Acrylic 16X20)

In the floral series I’ve decided to name each painting after a woman who has been a dear friend and ally to me over the last year or more. My circle of friends has radically changed in the most delightful way and each of these women feel like a precious flower in my life.

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This painting has been in progress for over two years. I would set it down, pick it up and add more layers of color. I finally saw it finished last week and it reminded me of a dream.

This painting is named after a woman I met and fell in love with last year in Sedona, Anastasia. Anastasia is an accomplished artist and has been her whole life. She grew up in South Africa and made her way to America by hand painting china. I adore her artwork but more than that her approach to Life, where everything is art. We would sit under a tree together and she would create the most magical little creatures from twigs and fallen leaves. She could take anything around her and bring more life to it. When she saw my paintings I had been working on I immediately felt embarrassed, not feeling nearly as accomplished as I saw her to be, but she immediately went into encouraging me to develop my style as a painter. She talked to me as a fellow artist (as I type this it brings tears to my eyes) which I had never experienced before. It was this painting that she saw and gave me a rush of confidence to keep going. I’ll never forget the impact she has had on my life and the way it felt to sit by a river with her. All of life opened up.

Anastasia has no online presence to speak of at all but her artwork can be found at Angel Valley in Sedona, AZ.

*This painting is on sale because the canvas has started to slightly warp, meaning it will not lay 100% flat on the wall as it is currently, it will have a slight lift on one of the corners.

All sales are final.