(Acrylic on canvas 10x8)

In the floral series I’ve decided to name each painting after a woman who has been a dear friend and ally to me over the last year or more. My circle of friends has radically changed in the most delightful way and each of these women feel like a precious flower in my life…

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This painting came to me in a sleepless night as I was homesick and longing for the Missouri forests. I felt into the favorite places I had wandered and remembered a patch of echinacea flowers that grow wild there. Each flower was calling for gold paint to represent the light work that they are so naturally offering. This painting reminds me of soft earth, magick and spending time wandering in the forest.

My friend Chelsea is the woman I want to wander the forests with. She has a deep connection to the realms of the elementals and to Gaia herself. I met Chelsea in Arizona while she was spending a summer here and we connected about our love for the trees and plants. I have been honored to receive a lot of remembrance of Avalon as well as my own connection to the Dark Goddess through my friendship and alliance with her. She reminds me in her presence alone that Avalon is within me, always.

*Keep an eye on my YouTube channel as Chelsea and I are considering a collaboration of videos to explore the realms together through conversation and story telling. You can connect with Chelsea on Instagram here: