Custom Painting Deposit

Custom Painting Deposit


This is the first payment of two $150 payments. Details on how custom artwork is delivered is below!

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In addition to the collection on my website I’m still offering custom 16x20 paintings if you are looking for something special for your space. Here are the details on how it works now:

  1. Put a deposit down right here under “Custom Painting Deposit”

  2. I will message you and we will discuss the vibe you are going for, what is it you want to feel every time you see this piece? What colors are speaking to you?

  3. I will take about two weeks to work on your art work with a focus on a floral vibe.

  4. I will let you know when it is finished and you’ll pay the remaining amount by purchasing a second “Custom Painting Deposit” which will finalize your order.

  5. Once the second payment is received I will ship your artwork!

(United States & Canada only for now, message me if you are overseas and I will get a seperate shipping estimate)