(Acrylic on canvas 10x8)

In the floral series I’ve decided to name each painting after a woman who has been a dear friend and ally to me over the last year or more. My circle of friends has radically changed in the most delightful way and each of these women feel like a precious flower in my life…

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This painting was entirely done with a palate knife and it shows with the dramatic texture. I adore a painting where I can really see the markings and brushstrokes and it was so freeing to go wild with the paint and allow the roses to come forward. This is one of the most abstract pieces I’ve ever painted and I feel excited to explore more of this style.

Roses were my first paintings. I stayed in the lane of only using magenta, white and some greens for the background. My first painting on canvas was gifted to my (biological) sister, Grace. She was going to college and I wanted her to have something for her new space that would help her feel more at home. She encouraged me to keep painting and I love that she still has the first piece I ever finished. Grace is the best auntie my kids could ever ask for and I’m so grateful to call her family. You can follow her on Instagram here.