(Acrylic on canvas 8x8)

In the floral series I’ve decided to name each painting after a woman who has been a dear friend and ally to me over the last year or more. My circle of friends has radically changed in the most delightful way and each of these women feel like a precious flower in my life…

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This painting is rich with depth of purple and lilacs and sky blue on top of a rose gold metallic background. A personal favorite of all of my paintings.

Iris flowers grew at the steps of my back porch in the home I grew up in, in a sleepy town El Paso, Illinois. I remember them being just about the same height as I was and completely captured by these unusual flowers. I would examine them for the longest time trying to figure out where they came from. To me this was the most otherworldly flower that I had ever seen.

The same holds true for my friend Jocelyn. When I met her only months ago her eyes transported me to a different home, a home before this one. How often do we meet someone who is so inviting and intimate yet sovereign? Is this not the most otherworldly and divine combination for a friend? She stands tall in her truth while also inviting you in to explore the beauty of her open heart. May women everywhere each have a Jocelyn in their lives.