(Acrylic on canvas 10x8)

In the floral series I’ve decided to name each painting after a woman who has been a dear friend and ally to me over the last year or more. My circle of friends has radically changed in the most delightful way and each of these women feel like a precious flower in my life…

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This sweet little painting was inspired by the colors of the west that still feel so new to me. The oranges and blues and greens in the desert always captivate me. It’s something that I wanted to capture in a painting and I’m sure I will again. The mixture of soft, pastel, powerful, feminine and fierce all come through at once in the high desert.

My friend Marguerite is as captivating as any woman I’ve ever met. Her friendship is ride or die and grounded in humor. She both a siren and authentically expressing herself with grace. She brings beauty everywhere she goes. I’m honored to know her and she feels like a rare and precious person to me, just like finding a patch of happy flowers waving at you in the desert. Marguerite is linked here on Instagram and you can see what she is recently up to here: