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It is my passion to help others tune into their inner voice and follow where it is leading them. 

So many of us spend most of our week working towards "someday..." 

...the day when all the bills will be paid and you'll be working less, but somehow making more. I've been there and it was the most stressed out I've ever been.  I learned that someday will never come unless I slow down and sharpen my focus on my desires. And that's just what I did.

I'm here to share my story and help you find your way back to the essence of living with more freedom and time to enjoy your life every single day. 

My career path has aligned me beautifully to serve fire starters who are ready to get focused on achieving a big dream. Read what my past clients are saying



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Sarah Durham Wilson //

Sarah Durham Wilson //

Are you nagged with the idea that there’s so much more of you to give to the world, but you don’t know how or when to begin?
Do you have a dream that will not only heal you, but the world,
that’s just a seedling, that needs nurturing to grow?
Do you have a baby of a dream that will bring love & wholeness to the planet, whom you need to teach to walk?
Or are you where I am, where you’ve spent so much time nurturing & birthing your dream, that you’ve forgotten yourself, your simple pleasures and private desires? And you need the perfect most trustable person to watch your dream while you run off to naked to the beach, turn off all outside noise and remember who you are and why you started this work, while you go live your life to transform once more, knowing your dream is being tended to by the most
loving trusting dream watcher?
Kall. Katie.

— Sarah Durham Wilson //
Working with Katie has completely transformed me. I went from feeling overwhelmed and very much like an amateur, awash in a sea of professionals, to having a rock-solid business that not only is well built, but was created from the truest essence of who I am. I have a confidence in both my offerings and myself as an independent, fierce business woman that I never dreamed possible.

Katie seamlessly blends the art of entrepreneurship with the grace of the Goddess. Each session is filled with a deeply embodied understanding of spiritual economics, something that is completely missing in the current world of spirit-based business.

Powerful, present and attuned to the pulse of the Goddess, Katie is the lifeblood
of my business and continues to inspire me to dream bigger and dig deeper. Whether you want to burn it all down, build it up, or infuse yourself and offerings with the fire you so desperately desire, Katie is Your Woman.
— Danielle Bertoia //

More about Katie...

Katie is a mainstream digital marketing guru turned women's wisdom mentor and intuitive. She helps rising women ignite the power within to clarify their service and activism in the world.

Her sacred contract with the divine is to encourage and empower women to create bravely.  

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