The Modern Priestess project is a video series of interviews / discussions featuring Light Workers who are fulfilling their life purpose through offering their spiritual gifts.

You are planning out your years and know you are in your sacred work for the long haul. You not only have a spiritual practice, but you have assisted in creating ones for many of your friends, family members and clients. You are doing the work. 

I see a shift in the Divine Feminine Awakening where people are waking up and wanting and willing to understand MORE. 

I am curating a council of modern day Priestesses who are ready to be heard in what this word means for them and how they are embodying their teachings. 

It wasn't long ago that the word "Priestess" wasn't among the vocabulary of what is unfolding now. I would like to round out the definition through conversations of the work being done on the ground floor by women just like you and I. 

If you are interested in participating in assisting me usher those interested to a clearer definition of how a Modern Priestess spends her time and energy, I welcome you to fill out the application below.

After I receive this application and you have set your appointment for this interview, please feel free to reach out to me with questions! 

There are two steps in moving forward

1) Schedule the recording of your interview by Clicking THIS LINK:

Please note I am only accepting interviews for this project Monday - Wednedsay for the month of September only. Time slots will fill up fast! if you are interested please sign up right away.

2)Fill out the form below.

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Please know that this is a private webpage and if you did not receive a link to this site directly from me, Katie Burke, I cannot guarantee you will be a representative for this event.