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Submitting my payment means you are fully agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Modern Priestess Mystery School which are listed in full below. 

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Terms and Conditions

  • Judge not thy sister. Enter and inhabit this space with a non-judgmental attitude. We are each entitled to our personal beliefs, values and ideals and will be exploring the depths of these beliefs. However, this does not mean another person is wrong for what they think. Own what’s your story. Judgement is a part of human nature, though this is not a space to openly judge one another. Little tolerance will be had for open judgement against another woman in any way.
  • Share as much as you'd like in the classroom!! However Katie can not guarantee personal and in-depth responses to every post. Katie is honored to be holding and creating the space for our container, however Katie only has two days allotted for checking in on the classroom progress. If you have a very lengthy share or video that is over 15 minutes along, I would highly encourage you to set up a 1:1 session with Katie if you are looking for her to give you personal and in-depth feedback. 
  • Own thy triggers. If you feel an internal trigger arise in response to something a woman has shared, take this as an opportunity to look deeply within yourself. Perhaps the individual was insensitive in the way they shared something, though there is likely a shiny gem of wisdom for you to clean from the trigger that is showing up for you. Notice the trigger, and feel into it before reacting. This could be an opportunity for expansion. If it’s not, be sensitive, compassionate and kind in how you address the person that inspired the trigger within you.
  • Content within group shall remain private. Do not share content from within this group to your public Facebook page — or anywhere for that matter! Without consent from the poster, no matter how impersonal what they shared within the group is, do not share anything from the group publicly. If you ask the poster’s consent to share what they posted within the group and you receive a yes, under those circumstances you may — but ONLY under those circumstances.
  • Thou shall advertise with balance. We welcome sisters sharing their entrepreneurial offerings, in limited quantity and as they pertain to our mystical lifestyle.
  • Thou shall ask before offering advice. This is important. When we are offering advice to our sisters, it is most always out of love and care for her. However, sometimes advice can be taken offensively if the woman is sharing vulnerably and she did not ask for advice to begin with. If a woman shares something and does not specifically ask for advice from the group about it, be sure to ask her permission before offering her advice. If she does ask for advice, by all means, give it up!
  • Thou shall not take anything personally. As Don Miguel Ruiz offers in his book the Four Agreements, not taking anything personally is a huge piece for us as humans interacting with humans. It’s too easy to take things personally, when more often than not, what is causing us offense is as much the other person’s story (if not more) than it is ours. Internet communications are hard to read for the real emotion behind what we say, so we don’t always know the person’s true tone. Be up front, clear, and compassionate and if unwanted energy is directed at you, don’t take it personally and let it pass right on by you!
  • Thou shall keep all posts relevant. We are here as women wanting to unleash and embrace our wild femininity, here to cultivate sisterhood in a space that is as safe as we can make it with it being the internet/Facebook and all. I ask that we keep posting centered around living our wild feminine lifestyle, sisterhood, supporting one another/requesting support on things, sharing love, and the sacred feminine. There are a lot of topics that fall under these things, so just check in with yourself before posted to make sure that it feels highly related to what we are about here. This is not a place for venting, speaking cruelly about people, or aggressive energy. This is a place for speaking from our heart's, sharing our challenges AND our wins, and loving one another up.
  • I _____________________ (your name) accept full responsibility for my health - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or otherwise.  I acknowledge that by enrolling in the Modern Priestess Mystery School, I am fully sovereign and in complete control of any and all life changing effects that may or may not occur.  I understand Katie Burke does not maintain a medical practice, and makes no claim that her work directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders. Her recommendations are based on her intuitive perceptions and in no way replace medical or psychological care.  I understand that her work is meant to be a supplement to the care of my primary care provider, and any other professional services I engage in (counseling, therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.).  I understand that the most optimal care is achieved when I consistently work with several professional care providers, creating a holistic and synergistic container for my healing.  

    I have read the above and agree to accept full responsibility for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Thank you for stepping into your power.