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DEADLINE 9/27/17

Through September 27th You Can Enroll In The Modern Priestess Mystery School Tuition Free! Click here to learn how...

Through September 27th you can enroll in the Modern Priestess Mystery School Tuition-Free. 

Keep reading to learn how!

Doors close at 5pm CST on Wednesday!!!

What is the Modern Priestess Mystery School?

Modern Priestess Mystery School Class Outline1.png

A 13-month deep dive into the consciousness shift and global awakening happening now.

It is my intention to unify the teachings that I have learned, experienced and embodied over the last several years into one curriculum as we explore and define what it means to be a Modern Priestess.  

This school is for the women who are ready to be seen and step on an accelerated timeline for birthing new paradigms as well as experiencing her heaven on earth

This is my personal collection of ancient wisdom as I have translated into modern, every day life.

The topics included are:

Modern Priestess Mystery School Class Outline2.png
  • Making quantum jumps in your spiritual development and manifestation process. 
  • A literal guide on how to create your heaven on earth by bending space and time with your consciousness. 
  • Manifesting with the Modern Priestesses. As a collective, we will hold each other’s dreams for their heaven on earth and manifest together to hold a vision for accelerated progress. This will be done each new moon in our private classroom.
  • How to craft Vibrational Medicine Ceremonies and healing sessions that suite you.
  • Exploring and crafting your own creative healing modalities of combining sound healing, dancing, breath work, essence making, ritual oils, water blessings and utilizing divinity tools (such as oracle decks) in your practice.  
  • Private videos for each equinox and solstice outlining altars and suggested ceremonies. 
  • Self-Love 2.0. Falling into deep love with your journey and your magnificent experience in this lifetime. Accepting yourself as an expression of divine consciousness and accepting yourself as a true definition of royalty. 
  • Embodying and embracing our sacred sexuality with joy and confidence. 
  • How to develop and embody your mission in larger and larger ways. Accepting more and more joy, grace, support and courage into your life as you continue to think bigger in your ministry.
  • DNA Activations and Integrations.
  • How to peacefully and “ease-fully” integrate quantum jumps and DNA activations. We will devote just as much time to integrating as we will activating.
  • A gentle introduction to cosmic disclosure and discussion of the future of our global awakening with intuitive discernment. 
  • Guidance on mentoring with Ascended Masters, Devas and Angelic Realms. How to channel higher dimensional information and challenge each other to continue to expand and deepen our oracle gifts (which are available and accessible to everyone).
  • Inviting peace, clarity and an abundance of support and collaboration to continue our work. 


WHOA this ALL landed with me so timely & deeply. I had felt I have been waiting for this particular class and now I know why. I have been feeling in a ‘space of no-thing’ after absolutely stripping away my ’old’. I have been feeling I have no idea where I am going or what I am ‘to do’ now in relation to my practices, my ‘work’, and my life in general. This class meant Every Thing to me and it all resonated. Our homework will be my daily practice moving forward. I Know this is absolutely what I am to do.
— A Modern Priestess Mystery School Initiate
Wow. . . yesterday’s class. . . just wow. I still can close my eyes and see the beauty of Isis’s temple. I “thought” I was working with her before but since yesterday she has been constantly at my side, whispering in my ear. . . so much gratitude.
— A Modern Priestess Mystery School Initiate
When I watched class this month on Mary Magdalene it’s like I was waiting my whole life for it.
— A Modern Priestess Mystery School Initiate

Connecting to the Earth as a Modern Priestess


In recent months, I moved away from my home with a garden of many herbs, flowers and vegetables to a much more urban environment. After moving, I was guided to start working with essential oils to support all aspects of myself.  

I realized I was missing my connection to that wonderful plot of Earth that was my sanctuary. These portable little bottles are the perfect way to connect to the plant realm when I'm living in a small apartment in the middle of a city.

My guidance led me to working with the potency of essential oils. I had dabbled in oils and crafting anointing and magickal oils but not to the extent I do now. 

I'm now ALL-IN on receiving the abundance of Mother Earth through essential oils.

-- the magic --

Receive more Abundance Through Mother Earth's Gifts PLUS access the Modern Priestess mystery school curriculum for FREE

If you enroll to be a Young Living member through this link, you will receive entry into the Modern Priestess Mystery School FOR FREE.

Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Premium Starter Kit
  • Step 2: As you are checking out enroll in Essential Rewards - (video instructions for this can be found below or at this link)
  • Step 3: Each month your Essential Rewards order is processed, I will email you the class material from the Modern Priestess Mystery School for 13 consecutive months. You will receive one class per month with homework.

How does this work? Is there a catch?

Essential Rewards.png

Here is what I want - I want my work to be accessible and I want essential oils and common household products to be accessible.

This month only, I am providing a way for both to be possible, and very accessible.

I am compensated when you join Young Living, therefore it feels like a wonderful exchange of energy for me to provide The Modern Priestess Mystery School to you while you are exercising incredible self-care through this line of products.

Enrolling in Essential Rewards

When buying your Starter Kit as you check out, you will need to enroll in what is called Essential Rewards, it is "essentially" like a subscription service where you pick out different tools for advancing your creations each month to be mailed to your door.

Perks of Essential Rewards.png

Young Living carries way more than essential oils.

I buy everything for my whole family from toothpaste, laundry detergent, baby supplies, shampoo and bath supplies, makeup, and of course essential oils. So it is not difficult to meet the $50 minimum each month for the subscription because you would be buying that stuff anyway.  Oh, and this stuff is likely way, way more aligned to your desired vibration.

Essential Rewards has been incredibly fun for me and made my shopping a lot easier.

You must enroll in Essential Rewards with your Premium Starter Kit order to receive the Modern Priestess Mystery School content. 

Each month, in your Essential Rewards order process, you will be emailed access to that month's Modern Priestess Mystery School content. If you decide to cancel your Essential Rewards order, no problem, I simply take you off the mailing list and no content will be delivered.

Here is a video that will explain exactly how to do that: Click Here

Let me show you how to enroll in Essential Rewards in this video...

What is the Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter kit is the full immersion experience for getting started with essential oils.

It holds a total retail value of over $349 for just $160! It is the way I got started with oils, the one 95% of people get, and an incredible deal. It includes 11 of the most versatile oils and I have personally repurchased every single one of them again and again. 

These are the oils you get in the kit:
Lemon: detoxing, surface cleaner. I add a drop to my water every morning.
Thieves: immune support and wonderful in the diffuser you get.
Digize: tummies, digestive support. You'll be glad you have this when you need it.
Lavender: Supports restful sleep and healthy skin.
Stress Away: Does what it says. 
Copaiba: calm, skin support, muscle support, magnifier.
Purification: skin support, purify everything, laundry, stinky smells.
Panaway: supports muscles and joints. This is a pricey bottle on it's own and one I wouldn't have expected to use so often. 
Frankincense: Liquid gold, skin support, meditation, the best. I was blown away when I opened it.
R.C.: Respiratory Comfort.
Peppermint : Respiratory support, Muscle support, digestive support.

The kit also comes with a ton of other stuff, including:
+A diffuser of your choice
+Lots of oily info
+Roller top
+ A wholesale discount. Forever. (24% off everything you buy in the future)
+Supportive community to help you through the whole journey.
+ Access to our education groups to always teach you how to use your oils
+ Guidance to help you learn, use, and love your oils. Our team is awesome! More on that below...

Young Living is the only EO company to own their own farms and distill their own oils - non-GMO seeds, pesticide free, and farmed with high vibe, loving hands. More on that below...

These oils are seriously magic.

Is this a conscious company to support? What about over harvesting or sustainability concerns?

This is a really important question and I needed this clarification before I bought my Premium starter kit, too. 

Young Living owns their farms, which are located all over the world. That kind of blows my mind. If a plant isn't ready for harvest, that product goes out of stock.  Their harvesting practices are very sustainable and in communion with their land. 

Here is some further information from the Seed to Seal® website which is the source of plant material for Young Living:

For us, the non-negotiable benchmarks for delivering a product that our members can feel great about are multifaceted, exacting, and—above all—concrete. We’re proud to offer an extensive line of authentic, essential oil-infused solutions that represent the best of nature—all purity, no compromises—through the standards of our groundbreaking Seed to Seal® program.
Our members have always embraced Seed to Seal as a series of rigorous quality control steps. We invite you to discover just how far these steps go. Seed to Seal is our set of standards that ensure that with every targeted supplement, every skin care solution, and every pure essential oil your family uses, you’re enjoying the benefit of our global resources, industry leadership, and 23 years of innovation. The result? A pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious sourcing, science, and standards.
— http://seedtoseal.com/

But Network Marketing companies have a weird vibe... right? 

Yeah. I thought so too. But it turns out this is an incredibly GODDESS way to work.  I'm totally supported, I'm sharing the best essential oils on the planet with so much love and prayer. But I understand you might be curious why I've decided to partner with Young Living and how I got started.  So here is more of my story as far as getting involved with this business... 

I am in no way trying to convince you that you need to start sharing your oils or selling these. You never ever have to do that as a Young Living Member. I'm simply sharing a lot of the concerns and questions and weirdness that came up for me before I jumped into using these products. Sharing and connecting to this line of products came very easily for me, which is why I decided to allow Young Living to graciously come into my life as an additional stream of income for my business. 

I've noticed in my own life how talking about plants is such a safe bridge to connect with people I may have felt intimated to talk about more "spiritual" topics with. I anoint myself every day, I honor myself by using these oils in my ceremonies and honor the Earth by making offerings at the beginning of each month but I also use them for very practical every day uses like cleaning and brushing my teeth. I am cultivating a deep relationship to the plant kingdom the more and more I work and learn about them.

About my team:

First and foremost, the team I'm on (Team Oiltuition) has mission to be advocates for the plants and speak on their behalf.  These little bottles of oils are highly potent and very pure.  I know how beneficial it is for our loved ones to have access to EASY to use products. Even my two year old daughter has her own collection of diluted oils that she loves to use for bedtime, when her tummy hurts or when she gets a scrape while she is playing. 

You can get a better sense of why Young Living feels aligned for me in my very honest conversation with Faye Wylder about our journey to joining the Young Living Business. There is NEVER any pressure to sell or share your Young Living oils or products. But it fits for us and we share our stories in this video.

Not all "teams" on Young Living are created equal... sorry, but not sorry.  A few days into buying my Starter Kit I started to understand how much of a blessing I was in for when I started connecting to the women who enrolled me.  Therefore, when you enroll with me, you have access to the same team I do. There are beautiful systems, contests/giveaways, resources online and support available to you, whether you want to learn more about oils and or more about opening an additional stream of income for yourself. Either way, you have benefits when enrolling under a strong and well resourced team.

So, are you ready to join me?

You won't find another opportunity like this one, my priestess sisters.

I'm so proud to be able to make an offering so abundant for everyone involved.

I hope you receive this opportunity with as much love as I am putting into it.

I am thrilled to welcome you to class and celebrate the exquisite self-care that will start pouring into your life.

every. Single. month.