Golden Queen Essence

Golden Queen Essence

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This essence came about very organically. North of Sedona there is a beautiful and sacred canyon and without it I don’t think I could live here very long. One moment you are in the intense red rock landscape with the spires and gorgeous rock everywhere you look, scattered with juniper and cacti… then you drive into the canyon and it is like a mother’s embrace of green trees and a lush landscape that feels like the ultimate refreshment to me. It is always cooler in the canyon and the only place I can find for a shady walk in the summer. Playing in the creek and filling up our drinking water from the spring is always a must when we are in the canyon.

I felt guided to create the next essence with the intention of deep practicality infused in it. I envisioned an essence that would feel easy to integrate. Almost like you wouldn’t even noticed that it worked until you looked back a month later to see, wow everything just fell into place!

It was unclear what would be created when we set out into the canyon but I trusted there would be a clear path to what plants wanted to offer their healing and how to combine them.

Both Ben and I felt excitement about creating an Avalon essence, but that story and energy will come through another time. When I asked “How can we be of the most service today?” The answer was blazingly clear…

“Bring forth a transmission of pure Divine Will”

Aligning with our Divine Will is what makes day to day life the most enjoyable and dreamlike. We can feel our feet planted deeply into our society clear with what work is ours to do and what is not. Aligning myself with Divine Will is the deep exhale of knowing how deeply supported I am to be myself.

We were guided to a spot on the creek with a clear place to set up ceremony for this essence. The flowers in the area made themselves known that they wanted to contribute. After working with a few combinations the one that felt most aligned was Yellow Columbine Flower (or Yellow Queen), Fern and California Evening Primrose. All of these flowers were foraged in the wilderness just before our essence making ceremony.

After more researching after getting home I see why these flowers were such a beautiful combination together to create an essence to support our Divine Will. I will be going into detail about each individual essence below, but as a collective field the energy and transmission was as follows…

From my hands rays of light blue and platinum light streamed through with a prayer for a deeper embodiment of Divine Will for myself and all beings who are aligning with a prayer for Unity Consciousness. We know that together, we are more powerful. For us to come together within our utmost sovereignty, we must be familiar to working with the energy of our Divine Will.  The transmission into the water was the codes that are ready to be more embodied and WILLing to flow with the power of Life no matter what it looks like.

In addition, the transmission insisted that this is an easy transformation. It is easy to stop caring what others are thinking, and once you do it is laughable and joyous at how much space there is within you to fill with more of your own divine love. Grace and Ease was absolutely present in our ceremony.

Finally the codes coming from Gaia were to assist in the balancing of divine masculine energies and divine feminine energies within us. Weaving these energies together into an easy unified balance.

Columbine flower essence helps you express your inner beauty. This elegant woodland plant has a 5 pointed red and yellow flower that resembles a rocket. It favors sunny hillsides and grows across the United States. The columbine flower essence is a remedy for self love, self appreciation and self esteem.

The Role of Columbine Flower Essence

We live in a society steeped in the trappings of outer beauty that feeds us messages that tell us we are inadequate and something about us is unacceptable. These messages can erode ones self esteem and lead one to disregard their inner beauty and uniqueness. Columbine flower essence counteracts these messages and enhances self appreciation. It helps us to acknowledge and express our inner truths, enhances our self esteem, and helps us express our unique talents. Columbine flower essence is excellent for those who’ve conformed and betrayed their artistic self to please others.

Because it helps with deeper self acceptance columbine flower essence is useful during many life stages. Teenagers, those charged with leadership roles and those at certain mid life stages of re-evaluation would benefit greatly from this essence. Columbine flower essence helps us integrate the beauty and truth we possess. Columbine can help us find that singularity of self that is lost when we seek validation from others.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Use this flower essence to helps mend wounds that have caused feelings of unworthiness and low self esteem. The impact of this is felt more deeply in those with a sensitive/artistic nature. The trauma which columbine helps with is good for those who feel shy, self conscious and unable to value themselves.  would feel self-love, self-appreciation.