Prosperity Essence Attuned by Isis

Prosperity Essence Attuned by Isis

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Creating land and energetic essences has been an important calling for me over the last two years. I have been studying, working with other practitioners essences, and attuning myself to confidently bring through an energetic field into the memory of water which can then be used as an essence or magickal water.

This water can be added to your morning drinks, diffusers, spray bottles and used to attune the frequency of your physical body or space. I would recommend using the essence three times daily until the bottle is empty so you can truly bathe in this frequency consistently.

With each purchase you are receiving a 1 oz dropper bottle of the stock essence.

Working with water in this way was a remembering I experienced about 5 years ago and I've been taking that time to really integrate the experience and memories of the power of magickal waters and essence making (or crafting as I like to say).

For the actually making of this magickal essence I decided not to show the footage. This is still a very intimate practice where I open myself to the specific beings and energies that are assisting with altering the frequency of the water. For the time being I will keep that ceremony private as it is a very sacred and special experience.

The water we used is from the springs north of Sedona. We use living spring water and I have been guided to preserve the frequency with high quality salts instead of the traditional alcohol. This guidance has come through consistently for the essences I am creating so you will not find alcohol in my essences until I am guided to change that. Use use salt from Utah (I have been guided to use salt closest to the land we are creating the essence from so for an example if we continue this over seas we would find salt that is as local to the land we create the essence on.)

This essence was created with the intention to cultivate physical prosperity. This could include money, important connections in your network, travel, unexpected improvements to career, and the courage to act and follow through. These are qualities in which Isis is an excellent guide. She helps us become clear and organized with out next steps and trusting we are fully prepared just as we are in this moment. With the support of this particular land and elementals, coupled with the presence of Isis we believe this is a very successful and potent essence to incorporate into your life to bring an even fuller harvest come autumn.