Yucca Essence

Yucca Essence


Yucca is one of the strongest plants in my yard. I have sat with her while my children play and I feel an alignment with purpose and fears dissolves around her.

Each bottle is 1 oz of the stock essence preserved with gin.

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The Yucca Essence was a blessing to make and is an honor to present to you.

Learning specifically from the flowers of the desert has been otherworldly for me. For a midwestern raised woman, these are like otherworldly creatures. When I first arrived I felt immediate guidance to start making essences and distributing them right away, but to be honest I felt intimidated. These did not feel plants I could present to you with integrity because I was still getting to know them myself.

Yucca was the one to dissolve that fear and bring me into alignment with a stronger sense of purpose, self-worth and inner knowingness. She is a very sovereign spirit as most flowers are, but with the assistance and wisdom to be there for you as you are rebirthing. Specifically she is assisting with allowing more beauty in your life. For so many years and lifetimes we have denied or not been in a place to receive the full beauty of Life. Yucca is here to dissolve those stagnant or even unconscious fears so we can allow more beauty to unfold gracefully around us. It is about knowing it is safe to do so, and Yucca can be that friend to allow it to be so. I love her encouragement and I am honored to have made this essence to share with you.

The essence was made near the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona Arizona. Not only do you have the support of the Yucca spirit, but the spirit of Sedona is very present in this essence as it was created in one of my favorite vortex energies here.