This is my main hub for sharing content along with my partner Ben. You will find multiple layers of how you may want to plug in to what we have to share. Look in through the window to our lives, through video, audio and posts. A few of the topics we cover include:

  • Wellness & Family: $1 or more per month. Practical and insightful content shared on the topics of: Relationships, Cleansing & Diet, Parenting & Day-to-Day Lifestyle

  • Downloads: $3 or more per month. Unfiltered, uncensored and mostly unplanned content shared on the topics of: Channeled Sessions, Inspired Thoughts, Personal Memos, Card Readings & Energy Forecasts. + Wellness & Family topics.

  • Leadership: $11 or more per month. Pioneering and bleeding edge content shared on the topics of: Entrepreneurship, Manifesting, Thought Leadership, Exponential Personal Growth. + Wellness & Family + Downloads topics.

  • Open Door: $77 or more per month. Access to Ben's Personal Journals, Monthly, Personal Energy Readings from Katie, Guided Meditations and DNA Activations. + Wellness & Family + Downloads + Leadership topics


This is exclusively for friends who enroll with Young Living. This is our main hub where we share resources for getting the most of your essential oils

  • how to use them for physical, emotional and spiritual support, 
  • DIY recipes for health and beauty,
  • momlife makeup tutorials, 
  • wellness challenges (we just finished a hydration challenge that was really helpful, who else is drinking 3 liters a day?!),
  • inspiration and
  • we often run incentives and deals exclusively for our Young Living team that you won't find on other teams.