Katie is 100% the real deal. I came to our meeting spun out, overwhelmed and creatively cooked and within 90 minutes I had a game plan with super actionable steps and ideas I hadn’t even considered.
Katie took what had me in mental knots for months and whipped it into biz gold in an hour and a half. Genius.
— www.DanielleBertoia.com

Working with Katie was absolutely transformative for me. There is something magical about her that really activates me! She gently and firmly shined light into my murky dark corners - the ones where I know I really should be putting my efforts and time - but never seemed to. She made those areas of my business that I normally would dread and procrastinate seem SO much more accessible by showing me that they can be pleasurable and how. In just one session with her so far, I learned so many different tools for shaping my business and how I work, everything from creating a work persona for myself (which works amazingly for me!) to web resources to outsourcing jobs that are not in my area of expertise, to just holding my feet to the fire in areas of big picture goal setting. I came out of the session knowing that the things I want are possible, right now, with what I have. This experience was really an immeasurable asset for me.

It felt like Katie was asking just the right questions to get me to answer my own burning questions. She was showing up and being vulnerable with me, so that I could also show up in that way, to navigate together the sticky little areas that are toughest to face or figure out alone. It felt like having someone in my corner, thoughtfully co-designing a plan. For the last month, since our conversation, I have done at least one thing every day for my self and business, based on her stream-lined vision for me. It felt like a really balanced energetic approach, that honors both the masculine “get-shit-done” mentality mixed just right with the feminine intuition and flow. I felt seen. I felt like I want to impress this woman and make good on the plan she hatched with me. :)

What didn’t working Katie feel like? It did NOT feel like a one-size-fits-all methodology. It did NOT feel like someone who just wants to tell you what they know or how much of an expert they are. It did NOT feel pushy.

I know this much. I want Katie on my team, whatever the venture is. It sounds cliche but she is truly an authentic voice and a breath of fresh air if you’re looking for accessible, honest, and action-oriented coaching for your creative venture.
— Hanna Senesac // HannaSenesac.com

There came a time in my life when I was drowning in the waters of my work, & I was so busy & tired
I had almost forgotten why I had ever even entered the waters in the first place.
Suddenly I was more exhausted than I’d ever been with a “real” job. I had no time to write, which was... the whole point of what I did.
So I went out to the Mesa, where I can see for miles, & when I’m contracted & small the expansive landscape reminds me of endless possibility & I asked for help. And then I let go, it was no longer in my hands.
I came home, and there was help, in the form of a video introduction waiting in my email: It was the sweet, calm, strong presence of Katie Burke. She said
”I heard my intuition tell me to reach out to you. I believe in what you do. And
I also know you need help. And I’m the one to give it to you.”
She was right. And I was more than ready. It was like I could finally fall back into someone’s hands, and do the work I love while they held me up. I forget sometimes that there are people out there who WANT to do the work we don’t know how to do, who love to do the work we don’t know how to do, and who support us completely. We weren’t made to do it all. We were made to do what we love. We were made to each fit a part of the puzzle, to come together and work as a whole.
And that’s a big part of my work, to receive. So, baby steps. I received Katie. I said yes, you can help me, and it’s been the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I trust her, completely. I’ve been able to be the artist again.
She’s totally whole, half femme, half masc.
She dreams + then does,
She says she’s going to do something,
the next day it’s there, as if out of thin air.
It’s almost as if your dreams are her dreams. She believes in, and wants them so. You can watch her eyes light up when you tell her your dreams, just as if they were your own. At night she heart storms ideas to add to your world, as if it were her own. She thinks about you, she cares about you, she totally supports you. She’s... amazing.
Are you nagged with the idea that there’s so much more of you to give to the world, but you don’t know how or when to begin?
Do you have a dream that will not only heal you, but the world,
that’s just a seedling, that needs nurturing to grow?
Do you have a baby of a dream that will bring love & wholeness to the planet, whom you need to teach to walk?
Or are you where I am, where you’ve spent so much time nurturing & birthing your dream, that you’ve forgotten yourself, your simple pleasures and private desires? And you need the perfect most trustable person to watch your dream while you run off to naked to the beach, turn off all outside noise and remember who you are and why you started this work, while you go live your life to transform once more, knowing your dream is being tended to by the most
loving trusting dream watcher?
Kall. Katie.
— Sarah Durham Wilson // DOITGIRL.com

My session with Katie was exactly what my soul has been needing in order to live my passions out in the world. She is fiercely aware of what needs to be done in order that my gifts and heart can shine brightly. She is brilliant yet completely approachable, and lets me know that she is behind my work 100 percent. It is amazing how she can quickly catch my vision, and fuel it with such amazing ideas and nurturing support. I recommend her to anyone who needs a nudge, some clarity, and encouragement to manifest all those great ideas that have been possibly going ignored for too long. She’s an excellent spring board that is propelling me right into the heart of my life’s work. Thank you Katie for your time, it is absolute preciousness!
— Maria Palumbo

I was immediately impressed by how professional Katie is. She gave me very clear, concrete steps to take in the next 6 weeks, and helped me set goals for the next year which felt extremely helpful and doable as I try to launch my business idea. She also gave me great resources for my website and guided me in thinking about my target market. Katie clearly comes from the business world. I can’t reiterate enough how professional she is. Her follow through and timeliness is something any business woman would aspire to, and she gave me some very tangible ideas and resources to get me started. I also found her to be well related, the type of woman I would want in my circle of girlfriends. I definitely plan on working with Katie again as I grow my business!
— Marissa Gagliardi, Sommelier

Having her feedback confirm for me what I was already feeling was very helpful. She reflected back to me many things I was already leaning towards which gave me more confidence in moving forward with those ideas. I would absolutely recommend working with Katie. She is both professional and personable. Her confidence and experience are present right from the start. She gives excellent feedback while offering her ideas and suggestions. I gained valuable feedback and support from our coaching session.
— Jennifer Savage, Energychica.com

I was extremely pleased with how like minded and like hearted Katie was. In the hour session we had together, it was evident that communication was clear and fluid, which made the training go by smoothly. It was more like an open, two-way dialogue that was created which felt more like a conversation with a good friend, rather than a training module.

Katie is the ideal partner to work with. It is transparent that she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is which translates to her ability to create a desirable, open and loving environment to share and learn from each other. She radiates the fact that when you work hard, doing something that truly fuels your passions, then anything is possible. Above all that, it is possible to encourage others to do the same in their own lives. These are the kind of people I choose to surround myself with. Thank you Katie!
— Victoria Grace Lopez, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist & Midwife

I was surprised by the amount of overlooked areas in social media marketing I could be leveraging. Katie gave me great advice on planning, resources and focus on my specific offerings. Katie helped me make an actionable business plan. She gave me the confidence to trust my abilities and knowledge to be able to take the next step towards my business goals. Katie completely understood my goals and was very easy to relate to. She gave me heaps of resources and tips and delivered exactly what she said she would
— Amanda Thompson, NOM Nutrition

I was most pleased with how easy she was to talk to and how clear Katie’s suggestions were. I have paid for other coaching services that ended up being very little advice clouded with large words and lofty what ifs. Katie is approachable, organized and clear with her advice.
— Angie Kusek-Schubert

I was surprised with how down to earth and friendly Katie was. She was not afraid to share her personal stories and experiences which helped me to feel comfortable sharing mine. This also helped me to understand that my struggles were common and relateable. It was nice to know I was not alone! I would absolutely recommend working with Katie. It is evident that coaching is her passion and her true calling. As soon as you start talking to Katie you feel an instant kinship and personal connection. She is genuine and the advice that she offers is extremely useful and practical. After working with Katie I immediately began to implement some of her tips and tricks. I was also left with some excellent strategies to work on and move forward with. I can honestly say that working with Katie has had a dramatic and positive impact on the future of my business!
— Hera Bosley Spiritual Entrepreneur & Blogger www.MindfulEuphoria.com

I guess to my biggest surprise was that I am on the right track, I found that quite pleasing. I was also glad to hear that blogs may not be the best for me and my style of business, but that mini videos and photos through instagram are my way to go. This will be more fun and way easier for me to create a followable presence.

I am grateful for Katies ideas and look forward to implementing them immediately. so the strongest take a ways for me are to secure my domain name, and start putting together my own web site, branding me! I have been feeling that I need to do this for a while now, (since spring) and now is the time to jump into action and manifest my vision. I highly recommend Katie as a business coach. I love how she got engaged with me about my business and my passions and took the time to find out about me and what I have to offer so she could best guide me. Her suggestions and home work are realistic and easy for me to start working towards now. I look forward to working on these projects and sharing with her when I am complete. She gave me some fabulous ideas and I look forward to offering them both online and in my community!

Thanks Katie for seeing my vision and giving suggestions on how to make it come together!
— Kristi Walker, Wholistic Wellness Practitioner