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Private Sessions

How to work with Katie Burke

  • Join the free Modern Priestess Temple, a free online sisterhood exploring The Beauty Way (more information here).

  • Apply for the Modern Priestess Mystery School (Launching next class Spring 2017).

  • Purchase a "Modern Priestess Awakening" report, a recorded transmission from the Sirian Star Council. More information below.

  • Work with Katie one-on-one in a private session. Many options available below.

Modern Priestess Awakening (Remote Reading) 

You will receive a channeled message and transmission from your guides about where you are currently on your path. This audio recording & 1 page recap will include:

  • Energy centers that are asking for attention and suggestions for balance.
  • Customized ritual for alchemizing stagnant energy and taking action.
  • Personalized & empowering messages from the Sirian Star Council. 

How it works: 

Purchase your session and I will send a simple form I need returned. After you have submitted your form I will email your transmission recording and written summary within a week.  

Modern Priestess Awakening Remote Reading

Queen Chambers (1).png

Visit the Queen Chambers with Isis & Hathor

I create space for a channeled session with Isis and we intimately explore the guidance she provides. We will journey together to the etherial planes to a castle Isis has created for healing work for her daughters. 

As we journey there together I will transmit messages from her and often Hathor will join in these healing sessions and work her quantum ancient magick and DNA activations. You will also be able to return to this castle any time you wish after our ceremony together. A very special, intimate invitation and cosmic journey.

Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

Postpartum Support Sessions

Divine Motherhood Awakening

Guided by the Celtic Council of Queens who have supported me my entire life, many guides step forward for these sessions as there is practically unlimited support in the ethers available to mothers now. This council is made up of very powerful Ascended Masters, Animal spirits, Plant spirits and Devas who are in service not only to humanity by the whole of Sophia Gaia. They are anxiously awaiting creating space for this ceremony to take place.

Motherhood is a totally different game with the children who are coming forth to assist in our shift to ascension. I have found first hand most motherhood books don’t cut it. Not even close. We will connect about creating boundaries for your success in motherhood that feels empowering and brings you back into control of your life.

Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

Divine Masculine Coaching

Divine Masculine Activation with Moses, Metatron & Sandalphon

For those of us who have deepened our exploration and intimacy with the Divine Feminine, it can be helpful to deepen the divine masculine energies within us to be just as powerful. The Divine Feminine Revolution will be lead with the right side of our brain, but executed with the left. Moses is very connected with the ancient magick lineage of Isis/Hathor and a wonderful mentor to call on to take back our power and complete what we have started. Metatron offers logical thinking towards enlightenment.

A wonderful session for both men and women.

Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

Energy clearing session

Energy clearing and empowerment with Isis & Sehkmet & the Sirian Lions

For the traumas and grievances that arise, Sehkmet comes forth to lick your wounds and Isis wraps her loving wings around you. 

In this session with the assistance of Isis, Sehkmet and the Sirian Lions, we clear stuck density or trauma with the assistance of our Sirian Light Workers.  Transmuting pain into compassion. 

A wonderful option if you are feeling "stuck" or having a difficult time changing your perspective.

Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

divine feminine sexuality coaching

Sensuality is your birthright with Isis

A session devoted to the budding Tantrika inside of you. We will explore a few of the following topics and dive deeply into relationship with your sexuality...

  • Second Chakra clearing and balancing.
  • Expanding your relationships and capacity for intimacy. 
  • Feeling safe in relationship with yourself.
Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

throat chakra healing session

Quantum Leaps & Throat Chakra Healing with Hathor

With Hathor's assistance she will join us in ceremony as we journey to meet your future self and accelerate your personal timeline for manifesting a more epic life. 

  • Clearing and balancing the throat chakra.
  • Connecting the heart and throat chakra.
  • Creating momentum for commanding your reality
  • Journey to meet your future self and receive her guidance
Private Channeled Sessions with Katie

Application for Mentorship Container


If you are interested in purchasing a package of these sessions, or working in a long term healing container, I offer a mentorship container that may be a better option. Please fill out the information below and I will return to your inquiry. 

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