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A journey to a sovereign and divine partnership lead by Ben & Katie Burke.

Does this sound familiar?

The awakening is upon us.  Both men and women are realizing their potential very, very quickly.  Unfortunately, when you are in a devoted partnership, it is very common to find your self out of balance with your partner with as much evolving you (each) are doing.  This leaves many people saying, "I want to continue down the path of unity and joy and bliss, but my partnership is not aligning with my intentions."

It's been amazing to both my husband Ben and I how many people have approached us over the last year with vulnearble stories of disconnection in their devoted partnerships, relationships and marriages, specifically because the vibrations do not appear to match any longer.  One person sees themselves as ready to take the next big lead in their development, and feels like their partner is holding them back or not providing to them what they desire, now.

We've been there.  I am not the same person that devoted myself to my husband seven years ago, and Ben is much different as well.  We have both evolved, and have simply been fortunate enough to evolve together.  We have learned a lot in navigating these water together...

"...Katie was awake and I was still asleep.  That’s all.  No further judgement needs to be made with our relationship or with yours.  Katie simply did not allow my fears to integrate into her awareness.  She saw me projecting, and refused to be that projection.  This is really all that she could do, and all that she needed to do: be her self, and be sovereign."

"It was so difficult and so lonely that I would keep myself distracted in many ways - I will go into the details of this part of my story in our sacred partnership course.  I could only push Ben as far as he was willing to go. And when I could see he wasn’t ready to go further, I would retreat into my own heart and strategy, and sometimes confusion at how he didn’t see or experience this reality in the ways I did. I looked outside of our relationship for answers, connection and the spark of romance. But I deeply only wanted this with Ben. I deeply only wanted him to want this with me."

What if it didn't have to be that way?

This course will offer perspective, meditations, practice, and some tactical pathways to individuals or couples. The content in this course can be devoured by one person in the relationship or both. 

Are you seeking to move into a state of harmony in your relationship?  Or, do you feel that you have a strong foundation, and want to go deeper and subtler with your devoted partner?  

We have a very simple yet extremely impactful curriculum for either of these situations.

Sacred Partnership (3).png

Sacred Partnership

This course is right for you if...

Things in your devoted partnership feel a little off balance. You are having a hard time meeting each other where you are each individually at. Maybe you even feel disconnected from understanding one another's perspective or like you are moving forward in different directions.

You are both aware you are on a path of awakening together. You are now ready to strengthen this relationship by joining more fully together in intentional spiritual ways.  Sharing your thoughts and dreams are tangible and your connectedness goes beyond words.

Session 1: Options - Sovereignty - Forgiveness - Acceptance

Session 2: Trust - Connection - Basic Alchemical Pathways

Session 3: Free Will - Emotional Intimacy - Polarity - Sex

Session 4: Compassion - Play - Advanced Alchemical Pathways

Plus BONUS Q&A calls and intimacy challenge included in your e-course!

Bonus #1: Intensify your Intimacy in one week

Bonus #2: Two Q&A calls that respond to the live course questions we were receiving.


About Katie

Katie administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual traditions of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian Teachings of Isis & Hathor.  She is the founder of the Modern Priestess Movement and Creator of the Modern Priestess Mystery School.

Testimonials working with Katie


About Ben: 

Ben Burke is an entrepreneur, business-accelerator, conscious co-creator, speaker, and accountability coach.

Ben has worked with hundreds of individuals: entrepreneurs, business professionals, students,  as well as teams: startups, nonprofits, community organizations - in helping them with strategy, manifesting, achievement, and personal development.

Testimonials working with Ben

The deadline to enroll is Thursday, February 22nd at 8pm MST.

We look forward to being vulnerable and strong together.

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