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Do you ever feel like you could use a little inspiration for your next step? Something that can point you in the direction for where you can start finding clarity and comfort in that feels of “Yes. That feels so right.” Exhale.

These recorded readings are built to do just that. Your reading is 45 minutes long and designed to give you what you need to know right now so you can start to feel the energy move with your new perspective.

After you purchase your session there will be an audio recording sent to the email you provided. You will then create some quiet space, maybe outside under a tree or somewhere special to you to receive the specific message coming through to you.

The Mastery Mentorship


It’s here…

We are all here with a common experience of craving and creating more Life. This sacred gift of presence and peace that is your birth right every day. You have felt it before. It is familiar. But if you are struggling to feel confident in your God-Self presence throughout the day-to-day of Life do not worry, you are not alone and walking the path to Mastery in this Lifetime is both fully supported and an exceptional challenge to undertake. This is the lifetime where anything is possible. The resources and tools we have are at times overwhelming.

I’d like to invite you into a sacred container where I will assist in guiding you to your highest timeline. Only you can take the steps to move into your mastery, but having a trusted friend by your side who has walked through enormous and miraculous life events is what I am offering.  

Channeling messages is a natural process that everyone is capable of. It is simply a choice of how willing you are to practice at your specific skill set. There will be an element of channeling in our mentorship container because of the practicality of it. It is time to trust how much support you have in the metaphysical.

I believe this is the fastest way to your own mastery, not the only way, but the fastest way.

This woman is a godsend. I reached out to Katie when I felt like I required an extra something. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was feeling at an impasse. During our call, I felt the energy she was holding and transmitting. The amount of value she shared with me far exceeded anything I could have imagined. I first experienced Katie’s cosmic gifts during an online course. Even knowing that, I was still blown away with the power of what came through.

She shared practical applications for the transmissions, as well as support and clarity when I had questions. I did my homework afterward and the universe has responded exponentially. I feel like that impasse I was at dissolved. Now I am feeling confident and capable of bringing forward all that I am meant to bring forth at this phase of my journey. I highly recommend working with Katie!
— Celeste

It is your birthright to communicate with the higher version of who you are. This practice is one that can transform from simply journaling and spending quality time with yourself, to an in-depth mentorship with Light Beings, Ascended Masters, and even the Elemental Kingdom. Libraries upon libraries of inspiration, divine remembrance and guidance is WITHIN you.

I have been channeling for years and have studied with Authors and Oracles who are on the bleeding edge of Christ Consciousness. I have traveled to many sacred sites over the years to fine tune my skillset in regards to receiving messages that have changed the course of my healing and my life path. 

Mastering your ability to communicate the energy flowing through you is critical in grounding the information into this matrix. It is a beautiful way to carve out your plan for more Life, whether you share your findings or not is up to you. This container is about fine tuning your confidence and ability to start flying through your Life with grace, ease, excitement and joy that can only be remembered through your commitment to your mastery and legacy. 

The guides I work with are specific to my own purpose and excitement, but you are here to shine as a sovereign and much needed Light worker for this time. We will be focusing first on your relationship to your Self. If other guides present themselves we can discuss including them in our mentorship container.

In our mentorship container we focus on:

Connecting with your higher self vs. other Light Beings. It is critical that the foundation and celebration of connecting with YOUR Higher Self is established and grounded. We will focus on navigating your energy from the energy of others so you can make decisions that feel sovereign and exceptionally clear. Your YES and NO will be black and white. You do not need to live in the area of compromise any longer.

Connecting with your core team of assistance on the other side. When you have a solid relationship with your Higher Self and 

Practices that will enhance your art of connection and magick. We cannot pass up on the opportunity of acceleration that ritual provides. We will create exactness around your ritual practices.

Creating sacred space to assist you into your channeling flow. Foundational to your entire Life is personal space that is aligned with principles of energy work. This is not negotiable within the playing field of mastery. Your home and spaces your spend time will be involved in the mentorship container as well. 

How to stay clear of entities who do not have your highest good in mind. There is just not way around this, the more Light and mastery you call in may cause other’s heads to turn your way. We can cover how to send these entities into Light and Love so you are able to move on to your work and are no longer disturbed by them. This is simply a matter of energetic hygiene and nothing to fear. You are powerful and the creator, we will simply check in and make sure your field is clear and practices to keep it clear.

How to navigate sharing your work vs. sacred silence and integration. Having a private container to discuss guidance coming to you is something you deserve. Being seen within your divinity is life changing. Just HOW seen you want to be is something we can discuss. Your personal mastery comes first.

Deepening trust and confidence within yourself. 

Staying grounded and strong as you bring more of your own Light and Love into your embodiment with grace and ease. This Life is suppose to be fun, light hearted and blissful every day. We cannot get too stuck on how “serious” it all seems. We care about all that is in our awareness, that does not mean we carry it. This is a breakthrough step for many on the path to personal mastery.

My session with Katie felt like a magical portalway into my own depths. She helped me to understand the energies of a few Divine Feminine Ascended Masters, and she relayed insights that were both profound and highly actionable. Katie was able to articulate and channel information regarding some of my recent experiences and she offered wisdom that will help serve me for quite some time. I am still unpacking all of the wisdom that she helped to relay. I am so thankful for our potent session, as it helped me to reconnect with myself in an even more empowered way. I have already implemented some of her advice and it’s helped me so much!
— Marley

Each mentorship container be unique in structure and will be determined after a free consultation to see if we are a good match for such a deep dive in consciousness together. When you set up your free consultation call to see if we are a good match to work together we will determine which areas you would like to focus on. We will also craft what is appropriate for your budget and timeline.

A single hourly session is currently only available in-person at my home in Sedona AZ. 

If you are interested in the mentorship so you can expand into your personal mastery, set up your free call by filling out the form below. I will reply to you as soon as possible Monday-Friday.